Sunday, September 23, 2007

Autumn Wishes

On another blog this morning, I saw a challenge to use either stamps that had never been exposed to ink or stamps that are rarely used. I'm ashamed to say my collection has both. I hadn't gotten around to using my Card Commentary set yet, and I have several (many might be a better word) alphabet sets that are rarely used. It's not that I don't like them. I just don't use them. I think the intention was to use them primarily on scrapbook pages. That was before I had that weak moment and bought my Cricut. Actually, I should use them on scrapbook pages anyway. After all, I don't have the same Cricut fonts, and when it comes right down to it, the perfectly cut Cricut letters get a little boring after a while. I will say that lining up alphabet letters can be a challenge. In fact, I was attempting to make another card with the Boutique Alphabet set when I decided I had enough paper in the wastebasket for the time being and walked away to go back and try again later. Usually, when I stamp words using an alphabet set, I stamp the letters one by one. I have a 2 by 11-inch block but struggle to line the stamps up on the block. Maybe the new "Block Buddy" would help. I need to remember to order it. One more thing, I have better luck using a larger block than necessary for the individual letters. If they fit on a 2 by 2-inch block, I reach for a 3 by 3. Being able to see all around the letter helps with placement. Speaking of placement, I didn't do so well with the "wish" stamp either, as the word slants, and it's "tail" is droopy. I noticed it right away, and my efforts were almost discarded before I stopped myself. I need to quit being such a crazy perfectionist. It keeps me for getting things done. Before I go off on a tangent on perfectionism, I'm going to go make something happen. I have several choices. I can go take a bath in the now cold bath water I ran two hours ago. I can go back to my stamping table and fool around with that Boutique Alphabet set, or I can do what I really should be doing today - housework. The latter doesn't appeal to me much, but with the little boys having been around so much this week, my socks stick to the kitchen floor. Need I say more?

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Tracy said...

I really enjoy this card!!! Thanks for sharing. I'm the same way when it comes to perfection. I'm worst about it when it comes to my scrapbook pages!

I pulled the Rustic Alphabet out for a page I posted on my Blog Friday night. I love it.