Friday, September 28, 2007

A New Tackle Box

I'm glad Marv isn't home this evening. I'm sure he would have shook his head as I filled (or almost filled) the new organizer case that came with our stamp club order today. I'm relatively certain he shook his head when the UPS man came earlier in the day, too. When I asked him if the Man in Brown had been by, he reported, "Oh yea, and it took a four-wheeler to get it all upstairs!" The CTMH order came in two good-sized boxes, and there was another large box from another company that I had failed to mention was coming. Poor Marv . . .

Back to the organizer - I'm really glad to have it, as I had a lot of little "stuff" in original packaging cluttering up my work surface. As to what's new stuff that came today, there are 12 little jars of Edge Anchors - one of CTMH's newest and coolest accessories. I
wouldn't be carrying on about this if this were the first of my organizers. Rather, it's my fourth. One is an eyelet case, and the other two - now three - are filled with "stuff." You will note the empty jars in the lower left corner. I didn't plan very well. However, I am certain that before long I will have stuff to put in them, and when I do, I'll need yet another organizer. I will also need to organize my organizers, putting like stuff such as brads, etc., in each one. Then, I'll need to go out and buy a label maker, because inevitably, every time I want something it's in the last organizer I take from the shelf.

This post could have been titled "Organized Obsession" or "Does Anyone Know of a 12-step Program?" or something to that nature. The tackle box has a little story behind it that I fondly remembered as I was filling jars earlier. When Marv and I were first married, I bought him a new tackle box for his birthday. Wanting to be sweet, I bought the biggest one in the store. However, he didn't have enough "stuff" to fill it, so he had to make a mad dash to the store to purchase a substantial number of hooks, lures, bobbers and squiggly little plastic worms in every color imaginable. I thought he was crazy but just shook my head . . . That was before I'd ever had a rubber stamp in my hand or assembled a scrapbook page.

That's it for my story. I wouldn't have told it if I didn't think that there would be at least a few who will see a little of themselves in it. With a chuckle and full knowledge that I'll fill those empty jars before too long, I'm sitting here shaking my head at myself.

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