Sunday, November 11, 2007

My 152nd Post and Weekly Pitch

I love this blogging thing. It's a fun way to share what I do, and it's very, very easy in comparison to updating my CTMH website or posting photos on bulletin boards and the like. I have a counter, which is registering in excess of 4,600 visits, so I know people are stopping by. What I don't know is if it's new people who stop once or the same people visiting frequently.

I'll have to say that with my 152nd post, I wish I'd had as many comments or even half as many. Feedback is fun. Constructive criticism is useful. With more people visiting, I'll have to go so far as to say that talking to myself is starting to feel kind of weird. I've heard other bloggers make that comment, too. With no feedback, we feel kind of "exposed."

To that end, I'd appreciate it if you'd take the time to say hi, tell me what you think, ask a question, etc. Just click on comment at the end of the post. If you're not a blogger, leave an anonymous comment. It's easy and would be so appreciated!

That said, I'm going to go stamp or something. My attempt to go back to bed and actually go to sleep didn't work out so well last night. It was 4:30 when I finally dozed off, and I slept until 11, so I'm feeling a little out of sync - like it's lunch time and it shouldn't be dark outside already.


Rachel said...

Hi Kathy! I just found your blog via Allison's link! I'll definitely be visiting often. :)

Jan Scholl said...

Allison sent me-I added you to my reader! gotta pee. bye

Anonymous said...

Kathi - I'm usually a lurker on blogs and the CTMH bulletin board (where I discovered your artwork and your blog), but since you asked, I did want to take the time to tell you how much I enjoy your artwork. I appreciate the time you devote to photographing the things you make and posting them here. I like your style and your artwork is beautiful. I also like your sense of humor (as in telling us you ate a frozen pizza but were sure to tell us you cooked it first! That's the way my brain works, too).
Keep up the good work! I'll keep checking back!
Stephanie in Ft. Wright, KY

Rosella said...

HI Kathy! What a great blog you have. Love that you such a variety of items. Keep it coming!

Rebecca said...

Love your blog. As a CTMH consultant, it is great to see so many wonderful designs made with our products. I'll be adding you to my Google Reader list!