Saturday, December 1, 2007

Questions. I Get Questions.

I love it when someone asks me a question on this blog even though I'm not quite certain what forum I should use for answering it. Should I reply in the post? In my last post, Terri asked how I knew the country of origin for Tilda, Sugar Nellie, and Elzybell. The answer is that I'm naturally nosy and handy with a search engine, a big part of a writing career that carries over into my personal life. The original Elzybell is a product of the United Kingdom. Tilda is from Magnolia Motivstämplar & Pappershandel in Sweden. With regard to Sugar Nellie, I did a little more research on the origins of this stamp. She was recently designed by freelance illustrator Evelina Wikberg who lives in a small town near Stockholm, Sweden. The stamps are manufactured in the UK and are currently sold by Funky Kits, the website of Paper Crafts Studio in Elgin, Scotland. Funky Kits sells Tilda as well. While that is one heck of a lot of useless information, I find it interesting nonetheless. I spend a lot of my time every day doing research on the Internet. The majority of it involves the electronic industry, and a lot of times I find myself trying to wade through international websites, many of which have no English translations. I'm often amazed by how much I can find out/figure out regardless of the language barrier. Back to stamping, I'm wondering if the popularity of these stamps in Europe is a trend we'll see in North America.

In the "Prettier in Person" post, Regina inquired about the punch I used for the greeting. It's Stampin' Up's Word Window punch. I've acquired several SU punches recently and love them all!


Stampin n da Hood said...

Not useless info at all, Kathi!
Anything to do with Sweden always catches my eye because Haley lived there for a year, and we always try to send/do things for the former Host families.
I do see they are shipping Int'l now so chances are I may have one of them soon!
Thanks again!

Tracy said...


I think you're right about the European stamps making their way across the pond. In fact my Mom reads a lot of the foriegn stamping blogs herself and just ordered herself some of the Tilda's - she can't wait to get the.

I'll also admit to having recently started to collect SU punches. They have such cute ones that are so handy!!!

Anonymous said...

I thought it was an SU punch. Thanks for the answer. :) I just placed an order and there is another stamp I want, so I guess I'll be emailing my friend Kendra with another order. Does it ever end? Looking forward to seeing the new CTMH catalog. I hope my upline gets hers tomorrow and maybe I'll have mine by the weekend!

Regina in VA