Monday, January 28, 2008

A Bird for a Buck

When my husband picked me up at work today, the mail was in the van and included a box from Busy Bee Scrapbooking. "More stamps?" he asked. "Nope, supplies," I responded. It wasn't until I opened the box at home that I realized I'd misinformed him. I'd forgotten about the two $1 stamps I'd ordered along with the supplies. I've been seeing $1 stamps from Michael's referenced every once in a while on other blogs and asked myself, "What the heck kind of stamp do you get for a buck?" When I saw the chick stamp on the Busy Bee website, I saw my opportunity to find out, and as they were only a buck, I ordered the little blossom stamp, too. Tonight, they ended up in Kathi's Test Corner. My findings were that the chick stamp did not produce the crispest image I've ever seen. However, the blossom image stamped nice and crisp. Thus, my test results were inconclusive.

The card I made with my little chick stamp is not an award winner by any means but rather as much as an old lady who's too tired to pick up a stamp is capable of this evening. The colors are Dutch Blue, Olive, Buttercup, and White Daisy. I paper-pieced the chick's body with a piece of Honey cardstock that was laying on my desk. I covered the flower part of the image on the chick's backside with a Just Blooms paper flower. The patterned paper is from the retired CTMH calendar kit.

Now, I'm going to go lay down and see if I can't catch some of the sleep that eluded me last night. Stop back tomorrow evening when I'm perky again and hopefully, creative!

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Maricar said...


I agree about the lack of crispness, but that it's not consistent. I hoarded the M's $1 stamps and now that I have used some, I am ready to get rid of the ones I'm either not happy with or were the result of a simple impulse buy. (Heck, it was *just* $1!) I'm glad to see it wasn't just that brand.

Your bird, however, is darling. And the other stamp reminds me of that card you did the other day with the Asian feel to it.