Tuesday, January 8, 2008


You've probably noticed that unless I'm making a baby card, I'm not big on soft pastels. They are, however, my favorite colors for Easter. I used these favored "Easter colors" for my first Eastertime card - Amethyst, Key Lime, Baby Pink, Heavenly Blue, and Sunkiss Yellow. I'm not loving it. It doesn't have any pizazz. One little hint and something I think I did do right on this card was to use Grey Wool to stamp the word "Happy." With the softer colors, I like to use grey as my black. It's not quite so stark and doesn't take away from the soft look.

For my second card, I switched color schemes, using Sweet Leaf, Petal, and Honey. I like it a bit better.

Even though I really like it, I seem to be battling with this set, and so, I'm going to do with this stamp set what I've always done with other stamp sets that I've struggled with. I'm going to let it lay on the desktop where I see it every time I sit down. If things happen like they usually do, something will inspire me, and it will just happen. A painter can't paint a landscape when he feels like painting a portrait, and I think that's what's going on with me with Eastertime tonight.

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Sandra said...

Pretty cards!!!!