Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday Favorites

This post was inspired by a question I received earlier in the week, asking about the Dove Blending Pen I mentioned. There are several features about this particular product I like. The most important one is performance. When compared with other blending pens, the Dove pen, in my opinion, wins hands down. The second plus is the fact that it's refillable, and the tips are replaceable. While I am 100 percent certain, I am willing to wager that I have had my pens for at least four years. About one-third of the bottle of refill fluid is gone, and as tips are sold in packs of five, it appears I've replaced the tips on each of my pens once. At, the pens sell for $3.49, a five-pack of tips for $2.99, and the refill fluid for $4.99. That $11.47, which is less than the cost of three regular non-refillable blending pens. Before choosing the Dove pen, I went through blending pens pretty fast, so I'm guessing I'm saving some money. My preference for these pens, however, isn't about money. I like the way they work with CTMH's inks, chalks, watercolor pencils, etc. I've also found that I don't have a problem with black dye-based inks running so long as the ink is dry before using this particular blending pen.


Maricar said...

I like that you've started these informational posts!

Melissa said...

Thank you Kathi!!!! I am on my way to!!

Jeanne said...

This is great, now you need to SHOW how you use this pen! I have the pen, the refill bottle and some nibs somewhere...but I'm blending challenged!