Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday Favorites

My Tuesday post, "Bugged," drew a comment from Margaret. I'd used my Cuttlebug and Cricut to make my cards, and she asked which, between the two, was my favorite. I'll have to say that it's a tough call.

My Cricut was purchased first, and I bought it for scrapbooking. I researched it and other die cut machines for weeks prior to what was kind of an "accidental" purchase (a last-minute bid on eBay that I didn't think I'd "win").

It took me a lot longer to buy the Cuttlebug even though it involved much less money. Because it, too, is a die-cut machine, I didn't think I could justify another. Still, it's dry-embossing capabilities made me crazy, and eventually, I must have seen a card or something that finally pushed me over the edge on it. I set a price and watched and waited on eBay and ended up purchasing my Cuttlebug for the right price from a company from which I'd purchased many of my Cricut cartridges.

As in recent months, I've been doing more card-making than scrapbooking, I'll have to say that I've found my Cuttlebug pretty indispensable. I love the embossed look and feel and the texture it adds to my cards. In many cases, it eliminates the need for patterned paper. Another plus is the fact that the embossing folders are relatively inexpensive. I use my Cricut for card-making more often than I thought I would for cutting various shapes and most frequently, scalloped circles. However, if I didn't have a Cricut, those shapes could be cut with punches or the new Nestabililites that are compatible with the Cuttlebug. So . . . After all of this discussion, I still can't really say which machine is my favorite, but I what can say to Margaret is that if you're solely a card-maker, I would opt for the Cuttlebug. What do you think?


Melissa said...

Kathi, One of your cards is what pushed me over the edge!!! I LOVE my bug, But my birthday is coming up and the expression is on my list!!!

Gerriann said...

I love my new bug too! I am a big scrapbooker however I did not and still do not feel the need for the circut as I do a great deal of stamping of titles and such for my layouts. The other thing is that my LSS sells hours to use theres and a few fellow consultants have one that I am sure if I had to have it I could get whatever made, so my vote is the bug great for cards and I have seen some great tutorials on how to emboss longer sheets of paper for scrapbooking too! I love that the Bug is compadible with other systems too! Too conveniant! Ok it must be late the spelling is horrible now. Thanks for all the wonderful inpirational artwork you share!

Margaret said...

Kathi, love your work. Thanks for taking the time to respond. . . . I really am drawn to texture . . . so I'm thinking I will eventually get a bug or something similar. I also have ton's of friends with systems, so I may just purchase some dies and go to their house. . . . hopefully that's not too lame. :-) they say they won't care.