Monday, February 4, 2008

So Many Ideas . . .

So many ideas . . . so little time. I have seen so many wonderful "gotta make" cards recently, and this is another one. I was inspired by this card on the Thinking Inking blog. I love the colors. I used the stamp kissing technique to replicate Debbie's butterflies, "kissing" a stamp from the Flutter set with one from Adorable Backgrounds. I'm happy with the results. Cutting the butterflies out was extremely time consuming prior to getting smart (half-way through) and cutting around the antennae with an X-acto knife prior to cutting the rest of it out with a scissors. Had I been ambitious enough to change the blade on my knife it would have been even easier.

I'm reposting a photo of my shirt card from last night with a couple of improvements suggested by my friend, Jeanne. I redid the right collar and the sentiment, stamping it on Bamboo cardstock instead of Colonial White and backing it with a Chocolate Oval. Thanks, Jeanne! I truly appreciate constructive criticism.

Have you ever heard the little prayer asking for patience to endure one's blessings? Well, that's the way my evening has been. First, my oldest son (the one who works full time, goes to school full time, and is the single father of two) brought me a "ship load" of laundry that I had foolishly offered to do for him. I never believe when Cameron says "a lot" that he means "a LOT." Then, my second (last) son stopped over to have his dad help him fix something on his bow. Personality-wise, son #2 and his father are like clones. One would think that they would get along, right? No. They argue about everything. At one point, Dustin must have had an arrow in his bow on the other side of the wall from Kathi's Corner. I heard Marv say, "Be careful. Your mother's in there." If I should disappear from my blog, you'll know that I took an arrow . . . I wouldn't put it past that pair to fool around with their guns in the kitchen either. I believe I'm safe for tonight. It's quiet again. The clone has gone home; the laundry is almost done, and I'm going back to Kathi's Corner to come up with an original "Love" card!

Materials & Tools: Outdoor Denim, Indian Corn Blue, Autumn Terracotta, and Goldrush cardstocks and ink pads, Colonial White cardstock, Flutter stamp set, Papertrey Ink Mixed Messages stamp set, Outdoor Denim grosgrain ribbon, Small and Large Classic Ovals Nestabilities.


lisascreativecorner said...

Love these cards Kathi! *Ü*

BTW, you have been tagged. Here are the rules. You can go to my blog and read mine.

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Jeanne said...

Kathi, there you go again! Inspiring me to want to head out to my craft room and create! I LOVE the butterflies card!

Thanks for not taking any offense to my blathering on your shirt card. I think it looks terrific!!

I really like the Love card, too.

I'm so glad you didn't take an arrow...I'd surely MISS you and your blog! :o) Hey, we both did lots of laundry it appears...