Friday, March 7, 2008

Friday Favorites

My friend Maricar provided me with the idea for this week's favorite when she asked, via email, why I preferred Yes! paste to Mod Podge for my paper crafting projects.

First, I'll have to say that I haven't used actually Mod Podge for years. I tried decoupage a long time ago, and for that application, it worked fine. The reason I've never used it since is because I've read so many comments about the problems others encountered when using it for covering metal lunch boxes, bookmaking, etc.

I believe I learned about Yes! paste on a website when researching bookmaking. As the container says, it is an all-purpose stick flat glue. Using it, my paper has never buckled. There are very few, if any, air bubbles with which to contend. I just apply it to the back of my paper with a sponge brush and lay it on my project. It's relatively effortless. Yes! is also acid-free, has a pleasant, barely noticeable smell, and is water soluble, which makes cleanup easy. Because it's water soluble, I've also taken a damp brush and used it as a top coat. It dried to a clear, mat finish with no brush strokes. It's said to be used by professionals, including bookbinders, libraries, and printers, and according to the jar, uses include paper, leather, cloth, tin, wood, imitation leather, glass, metal, printed surfaces and more.

As for the economics of using it, I am guessing I have had my jar for more than three years. I've shared it at workshops and used it on numerous projects and still have about one-third of my 1 lb. 3 oz. jar left. Although I don't remember what online source I purchased it from, it is available at, which is currently a favorite online store of this enabler.


Maricar said...

Thanks Kathi. You are becoming one of my most favorite enablers these days! (BTW, my new Cuttlebug embossing plates arrived yesterday. Can't wait to play with them!)

Jeanne said...

Thanks for sharing why you like this glue, Kathi. I see a purchase in my near future. And the enabler in me has to share that they carry it in the glue aisle at Michaels, for those, who like me, want to find it locally. :o)

Gerriann said...

I bought some after the first time you suggested it and have not yet made a project where I needed it. But I am glad that you have brought this product up, some I feel better I am sure that I will be altering something! Thanks and pertty card- this is the paper I keep pulling and need to prep some spring and easter cards so I need to break inot the paper garden and gone back to the life delights too! Have a good weekend!