Monday, March 10, 2008

Stamping Moratorium

I'm kidding. It's just for tonight. Believe it or not, the thought of picking up a stamp does not appeal to me this evening. As my life is a bit of a soap opera right now, however, I thought I'd best pop in to inform the blogosphere that all is well. We still don't know anything more about Marv's health issues. Had I known we were going to have to wait to find out what's going on, it wouldn't have been so bad. For the time being, we've pretty much resumed our normal lives. Tonight normal includes going to bed early.

As I don't have anything to show you, I suggest that you check out the sneak peek of Papertrey Ink's new products on Nicole Heady's Capture the Moment blog. Along with some new papers, Nicole shows a card that features a new birthday set (with a cupcake and sentiment for the inside of a card). There's another sneak peek that features a new wedding set on Taylor's blog, Taylored Expressions. I'm liking the looks of the wedding set in particular.

Finally (and I can't be accused of enabling here), take a look at the Freedom in Creating blog. I frequent this one but don't have it on my list of Blogs That Inspire - yet! While my stamping style is nothing like Michelle's, I love looking at her artwork. This card, especially, almost took my breath away. She's a regular master with the brayer, which amazes me, because my brayer and I have yet to form a satisfactory relationship. Should I ever decide to give it another chance, however, this is the blog to which I will turn. Nearly every one of her posts includes a well-explained photo tutorial. That's all the jabber I have tonight. Thanks for stopping, and unless something comes up, I'll be back tomorrow night with something to show you. Until then, take care.


Maricar said...

LOL - she is a master at using that brayer. (All I use it for is to get bubbles out when I modge podge. Hah!)

Thinking of you ...

Anonymous said...

I have a question for ya....a while back you posted a link to a stamp company that had the most beautiful was acrylic and like 4 parts...they also had some other flowers...I had the address written down...and have managed to loose it...if you remember it could you please repost the name.
I just want you to know that you and Marv are on my mind and I have been praying for you guys. Keep us posted on his health!
Have a great evening doing no stamping.
Gay Masterson