Friday, April 11, 2008

A Fun Challenge

When I saw Beate's Weekend Sketch Challenge this week, it didn't throw me for a loop the way it sometimes does. Instead, I almost immediately had something in mind.

First of all, I love red and blue. When my boys were little, I "color coded" them. My dark-haired, brown-eyed child was frequently dressed in red, and his younger brother, a blue-eyed boy with a mop of blond curls, donned blue a good part of the time. Often, their clothing matched with the exception of the color. That lasted until they reached school age, although I don't think we got quite that far before they started complaining about it. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted, and I shudder to recall some of the "discussions" we had about clothing prior to their becoming adults. I suffered through some rather distasteful stages, allowing them to express their individuality . . . so long as it remained what I deemed "decent."

Back to my card, the flower in the "Treasures of the Heart" stamp set is all-time favorite for dry embossing with a stamped image (directions below). As for the rest of the card, it pretty much explains itself. Bright and cheerful, it's one that makes me smile.

Materials & Tools: White Daisy, Moonstruck, and Cranberry cardstock; Route 66 paper packet; Moonstruck and Cranberry ink pads; Treasures of the Heart stamp set; Just Blooms White Daisy Variety Pack; Red mini brads; Yellow big brad; Embossing tool; Sanding block; 3M mounting tape.

How to Emboss a Stamped Image: Stamp your image on colored white-core cardstock using any ink color that you will be able to see clearly. Place your stamped piece on the sheet of foam that comes with your stamp set, a piece of fun foam, or your Coluzzle cutting mat (a surface with a little "give"). With an embossing tool (or dried up ballpoint pen), trace around your stamped images. When done, turn your piece over and sand, allowing the white-cored cardstock to show through. Finish your card.

And by the way, as much as I've been tempted by their coloring (a dark-haired, brown-eyed child and a blue-eyed, fair-haired boy) and the fact that I still love red and blue, I haven't color-coded the grandchildren. Should I be blessed with a granddaughter someday, however, I'm thinking that, regardless of her coloring, I'll be buying a lot of pink . . . at least for a while.


Maricar said...

A great card. Thanks for sharing.

Jeanne said...

Love that you shared this technique, because I've never attempted it! The card looks great and oh so stamp liftable!

How fun that you dressed your boys in red and blue versions of the same clothes. I actually have never consciously done that with my girls. Could be a throw back to the fact I have fraternal twin brothers and my mom never dressed them alike. Sometimes though they actually wear the same color clothes by choice. Ohhhh Let's wear pink today...that kind of thing.

Anyway, love the card! And you are indeed blessed.