Thursday, April 24, 2008

Pretty Ladies

Well, isn't this a fine pair? They're cute and funny.

I had my hair cut yesterday. It's short, and my husband made the comment that it is cut like a man's hair in the back. I took a look and didn't see anything particularly manly about it. I like it, and someone else does, too. Today, at the coffee machine at work, a woman I'd never seen before commented that she loves my hair and asked who colors it. My answer was brief, "God." She laughed. I suppose "salt and pepper" would best describe its current state, and for a human being to do this, she would literally have to pull every other hair through one of those cap things. My mom's hair is a beautiful silver color. I anticipate mine will get there eventually. My sons, neither 30 yet, have a few white ones showing up already, too. They're not too worried about color but rather about losing it. Poor boys. They don't share my opinion that bald is kind of sexy.

Materials & Tools: White Daisy, Cranberry, Black, and Bamboo cardstock; Black, Brown Bag, and Carnation pink ink pads; Black, Cranberry, Olive, Grey Wool, Autumn Terracotta, Desert Sand, Kiwi, Vineyard Berry, and Tombow Flesh markers; Emerson Quillin "The Gals" rubber stamp; Impression Obsessions Sentiments II stamp set; Cuttlebug w/Swiss Dots embossing folder; 3M foam mounting tape.

I only worked half a day today, waking up with the mother of all headaches. The weather is so dreary and cold again that I would have preferred to have holed up at home all day. The chance for snow tomorrow is 70 percent. Ugh! The 10-day forecast looks gloomy, too. As Mother Nature and those who predict the weather aren't always in step, I'll keep my fingers crossed that those forecasting the weather will be wrong. With nothing more interesting to discuss than weather, I'll wander back to my corner for a while. Later!


Sylvia said...

Like your card and the colors. Our CTMH consultant is coming May 13, can hardly wait to order. I dearly would like to find the Cuttlbebug Swiss Dot embossing folder.

Laurel said...

Great card. I have a few of those ladies too. They suit the simple, classy look, not all the bling and stuff of the Bellas. You did the perfect card for these gals.

Jeanne said...

This image brought a smile to my face! It's a wonderful card.

I really liked your response to the gal who asked about your hair. If I had my hair done by God, it would be pretty much white. My mom had the most beautiful white hair. I'm waiting until my kids are a bit older to go back to it. :o) You should share a picture of yourself for us all to see your new haircut!

Kariberry said...

Too funny Kathi, ha ha ha
Love it! I loved your hair color story too.