Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Favorites

For my Friday Favorites post this week, I'm featuring a tool that I've been reaching for frequently recently, Judikins Extra Fine Mist Spritzer. Holding 2 ounces of water, this little mister does just what the website says it will. It "adds the right amount of water or liquid to watercolors and inks for special effects." I've been using it lately when creating a watercolor effect with stamps and markers. I apply my color to my stamp with my marker, give it a squirt or two with the fine mist spritzer, and then stamp my image.

Prior to owning this spritzer, I "huffed" on the inked stamp. The results were not as consistent. I also tried a regular mist-type spray bottle, which dispensed too much water. As a result, whatever it was I was trying to do usually ended up in the wastebasket. Funny thing about this spritzer is that it was one of those things I added to an online shopping cart without necessarily having a plan for it.

At $1.50, it wasn't a tool that "broke the bank," and obviously my thinking at the time of purchase was that it might come in handy sometime. I was right. I'm thinking, too, that there might be other uses for it. Any ideas?


Jeanne said...

I've seen something like this in the stores, but had no idea what to use it for, other than what you would use a regular spray bottle for. Now I know! I never thought that there was a difference in the "mistiness" of spray bottles.

You are forever teaching me new things and I thank you! :o)

Clearly Inspired said...

Very pretty card! I love the watercolor look. Now, this little spritzer is on my wish list. I just love all the tools. Thanks for letting us know about it and making a great card for us to see how it works.

Maricar said...

Hmm .. wish Michaels or Joanns would carry this!