Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Questions . . . And Answers!

With comments, I get questions. Sometimes, if the asker's email address is readily available, I'll shoot them a message. Speaking of email, I get lots of questions and comments via email, too, which I try to answer in a timely manner. However, there are times when "stranger's" messages get caught in a spam filter, which results in my getting them several days after the fact or not at all. If I don't respond to a message, please try resending it.

For this post, I decided to go back to the first of the month and answer questions that have been asked with your comments.

On May 3, Terri (in true Terri fashion) asked: How's come all I can do is YAWn at nite and you can create AND yAwN!? Answer: Terri, you are only 50. When you get to be 54 (closer to 55, actually), you will get your "second wind." I promise.

In the same post, Dawn asked: Would it be okay if I added you to my fav blogs?? Answer: I would be honored to be added to yours and anyone else's favorites. Thank you!

On May 5th Micha posted: I love the Boom-Di-Ada cards. Do you mind if I "borrow" your idea? Answer: This blog is all about sharing. Take my ideas, most of which are inspired by others, and run with them. Have fun with them! I hate to overuse the word "honored" but I am when someone is inspired by something I do.

About those Cottage Floral/Boom-Di-Ada cards on May 8, Jeanne said/asked: I keep looking at those flower petals thinking they are somehow bent up, but looking closer today...are they inked on the edges? If so, they are really giving me the impression that they are almost curling up. Answer: The edges of the flowers were inked with a sponge dauber and curled by kind of pulling the petals between my index finger and thumbnail. It's not the most sophisticated technique, but it works.

On May 10, J McCullum asked: You use the Acrylic disks from Michael's? Is there a brand name? The Michael's in Canada don't seem to carry them and had no idea what I meant. I'll have to wait til I get to the US to check out a Michael's there. Answer: I don't know if I'd take for granted that you'll find them at Michael's in the US either. My discs were sent to me by my friend Jeanne who found them in Denver. I believe she found them in the floral section, which might mean it would be an OK idea to ask a florist if he/she knows what they are and where to get them. Of course, you will run the risk of them looking at you like you're crazy as the clerk at Michael's most likely did. The good news is, they are sold under two or more brand names: Dew Drops available on numerous websites and Bella's Baubles. When I run out of the generous supply Jeanne sent me, I'm heading for Denver. I don't care if I find the discs. I just want to have lunch with Jeanne and give her a big hug in person! These little discs are the subject of the majority of questions I am asked. Everybody wants 'em! I love 'em, and if you can get your hands on some, you will, too.

J's question was a two-parter: Did I read right? You are spending Mother's day weekend alone? How did you plan that? Answer: You read it right. Yes, alone - as in bliss. I didn't plan it. My husband and sons planned to be gone. I just didn't lay in front of the door or anything when they left. Actually, I wasn't alone on the "day" itself but did what I wanted to do, which was going to see my beautiful Mom. That was awesome!

In a comment left on the 12th, Kim asked: Kathi, where did you get the banner for the front page of your blog? Answer: Thank heavens, I slide those Paypal receipts into a folder in my inbox cuz' I sure as heck didn't remember on my own. My header came from Shabby Princess Designs. It was $2.50 and well worth it, as I am digitally challenged.

Juel asked yesterday (May 13): How do you make computer generated notebook paper? Answer: I used my Printshop Program to create a graph. I'm relatively certain it can be done on Word, too. I just don't know how to use Word for much more than writing.

And, Kari asked: Where do you get ALL your Sentiments from? Answer: Here and there is about the best answer I can give you. As a writer, I'm all about words, so if I see a word stamp I particularly like, I usually end up buying it. The sentiment on the monkey card was computer generated, which is a sure-fire way to get the words you want. It's cheap, too!

Finally, about the Art di Pico award, Terri asked: whoooooooooo??? lil ol me? Answer: Of course you, Silly! Just because you're not old enough to have the energy this old girl has got doesn't mean that what you do get done isn't phenomenal. Besides, you do a lot of awesome projects that take a lot of time. Most everything I do could be labeled a "quicky."

I'll try to do this more often. For me it was kind of fun, and I hope at least some of the information will be helpful to you! Later!!


Stampin n da Hood said...

I'm holdin ya to that promise about more energy in *gasp* 2 more years!

I may just have an abundance of those coveted lil Dew drops soon!

Kariberry said...

Soo your saying it all gets better after 51 :) "Yawn"
Thanks for the answer.