Sunday, June 8, 2008

For Bloggers and Photographers of Small Objects

If my photos are looking any better these days, it's
thanks to the Square Perfect Photo Cube that the UPS lady (or I should say, girl) brought last week. Unable to get a decent photo one evening about 10 days ago, I found what I wanted on and ended up buying it on eBay, paying considerably less than the suggested retail price. More information about this particular product can be found here. While I could have invested in a fancier setup with lights and a camera tripod, it made no sense to do so. This photo tent can be lit by flash, fluorescent, quartz, tungsten, and flood lights or the two inexpensive, gooseneck desk lamps that are currently lighting my workspace. While I could have made my own light box like my friend Jeanne and others have done, I honestly don't have room for one more thing in Kathi's Corner that isn't either small or flat. This little tent folds down as easily as it pops up and stores in its case. It's currently hanging on the doorknob, out of the way and within easy reach. Although it certainly wasn't a necessity (nothing in my corner is), it's saving me the periodic frustration I felt when taking photos of my cards. Should I ever decide to sell some retired stamp sets on eBay, I can use it for photographing them as well. Deriving a little revenue with this thing might even impress the hubby. LOL.


Jeanne said...

Oh my! You have found a great solution to your no space/no light box situation! This is SO cool! Great idea and thanks for sharing it.

I so agree with you on the size of the box...while I have a spot for storing it, sometimes I don't want to pull it out because it's cumbersome. LOL

Have a great day!

Deborah said...

Nice tip, Kathi! I'm going to bid on one today!


Anonymous said...

It's been about a month since you've got this. I'm in need of one, do you still like using it?