Friday, June 13, 2008

"That's for my Daddy!"

It didn't take little Bjorn long to figure out who should receive this Father's Day card. The neckties were a sure giveaway. His daddy is a sharp dresser, dresses up for work every day, and loves neckties. It wouldn't surprise me if he has a favorite and has the same tie in several colors as depicted on the card. Anyway, Bjorn was pretty excited about the prospect of giving this card to his daddy on Sunday. Speaking of Bjorn, he and his brother are surprise guests tonight, which kept Grandma from getting her Friday Favorites post done. I was lucky to eke out a card! I have a few more Father's Day cards to make tomorrow. As I'm doing so, I'll be thinking about my own dad and missing him. I so wish he'd known my sons as adults and had the chance to meet his great-grandsons. He was quite the storyteller, and I believe Bjorn and Mathias would have fallen for and relished his tall tales just like Cameron and Dustin did.

About the card, it's a simple one. A light pencil line, which was later erased, helped me line up the ties. The D-A-D letters were cut out and are mounted to the card with foam tape.

Materials and Tools: Cocoa and New England Ivy cardstock; Retired CTMH Naturals cardstock; It's a Guy Thing paper packet; Cocoa, Barn Red, New England Ivy, and Outdoor Denim ink pads; June Word Puzzle and Verve Visual Father Figure stamp sets; Brown mini brads; 3M foam mounting tape.

I still don't have a specific plan for this weekend. As Dustin's birthday is Tuesday, and his favorite "Birthday" meal is one that everyone else likes, too, so I think I'll be cooking stir-fry on Sunday. It's also traditional to have ice cream cake for his birthday, which is fine with me. Cooking and baking in the same weekend would be a stretch for me these days. I don't know how much stamping I'll be doing this weekend but will try to post a couple of things. For tonight, I'm heading to bed. I slept about seven hours last night - from 10 to 3 and then again from 5 to 7 - so I'm a little zonked tonight. If these weird sleep patterns are a senior citizen thing, it's one I could live happily without. As always, thank you for stopping by. I hope you have a great weekend.


Maricar said...

Ugh. I'm only in my mid-30s and I have the same sleep pattern.

Love the ties on your card. I still need to do my Dad's Day cards too.

Jeanne said...

What a nice card! I was interested to read that your son likes to wear ties. I've recently read where tie manufacturers are going out of business because so few men are wearing/buying them these days!

I completely understand your missing your dad. Hugs to you! Although, I think the boys are getting the next best thing in your story telling. You got that talent from your father I'm sure!

Have a wonderful weekend!!