Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tupperware Melts, Etc.

Yup, if you place a lid from a Tupperware bowl on a burner that you haven't gotten around to turning off yet, the lid will melt . . . and create smoke . . . and toxic fumes. Actually, I didn't just learn this today, but it had been a long time since I'd done it, which stands to reason considering how infrequently I go into the kitchen. I believe that it was Dustin's birthday cake that I encapsulated in a Tupperware Cake Taker, which was being stored in the oven that I turned on to preheat with the intention of making a frozen pizza. I was so enthralled with Falcon Crest that I didn't even notice that my house had filled with black smoke. That was quite a few years ago and truly the mother of all messes.

As I suspected they would, the young people had places to go and people to see, so they didn't hang around too long after we ate. Having entertained them twice in three days, I didn't lay down in front of the door or anything when they said it was time to go. Instead, I made a beeline to my corner and made the card that I'd envisioned earlier. It's actually Jen Del Muro's sketch from a couple cards ago turned on its side. All I needed was some purty paper!

Materials & Tools: Colonial White, Hollyhock, and Olive cardstock; Cocoa textured cardstock; Basic Grey Infuse 6x6 paper pad; Olive, Hollyhock, and Cocoa ink pads; Verve Visual Anniversary Birds stamp set; Garden Green marker; Antiqued Copper mini brads; 3M foam mounting tape.

With the exception of the little mishap with the plastic lid, we had a very nice dinner. Cameron and Dustin ate like teenagers, which only told me that they appreciate a meal that mom cooks once in a while. Dustin is crazy, too, and should he ever give up his sales supervisor job, I believe he could be a stand-up comedian. One never knows what he's going to say or do next. I believe that is a trait he might have inherited from his grandfather, and although he's embarrassed the heck out of me a couple of times in public, I, for the most part, love his sense of humor. I did email him at exactly 1:23 this afternoon, which was the time he was born. I told him that if I'd known then what a wonderful man he would be, I would have been even happier than I was. My soft-hearted child, he appreciated the sentiment. It's true, too. When you have babies, it's hard to imagine what they will be like as adults. Having them grow up to be good people is as good as it gets.

That's my mindless chatter for tonight. Grandpa wants to go for a ride, and although he hasn't said as much, I'm will to bet he wants to go to the Dairy Queen. Who can turn that down? Have a wonderful Wednesday. I'll be back then with a little something.


Patzke's said...

Cute bird cards. I like the cards you did with them. Glad you had a good time with the family.

Jeanne said...

I hope when my girls are grown I will appreciate them as much as you appreciate your "boys."

I can see where Dustin gets his humor...and it may be partially from Grandpa...but I suspect MOM influenced him too. The story about the tupperware melting brought out a loud giggle from this reader!

And this card is REALLY pretty! You get some cool visions. :o)

Allison said...

Oh wow Kathi! I love everything about this one! Awesome!

Bailey's Granny said...

I really like this card and am glad I bought the stamp!