Thursday, August 28, 2008


As I'm getting ready for work, I'm listening to the conversation between Grandpa and the little people. "I'm hungry (pronounced 'hun-gee')," I hear Bjorn say. "What would you like?" is Grandpa's response. "Ice cream (pronounced 'ice-keem') cake!," Bjorn exclaimed. "No," Grandpa said solemnly, "That's against the law." While Minnesota has some stupid laws, I don't think there's anything that forbids ice cream for breakfast. Grandpa goes on, "But, I bet if you eat all your cereal you can have some cake, can't they, Grandma?" Sure, lay this on me . . . "Yup," I said. You can be sure the cereal bowls will be emptied quickly, and Bjorn and Mathias might just be the only kids in town who have had ice cream prior to 8 a.m. Only at Grandma and Grandpa's house . . .

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