Monday, January 26, 2009


The card's not much, and I'll take no offense if you're not impressed. However, check out that felt flower! When perusing a Stampin' Up catalog recently, I came across its cute felt flowers and
wondered if I could use my Cuttlebug flower dies to make them.

Last night, I grabbed a couple of pieces of felt at Wal-Mart and tonight answered my question. As Bob the Builder would say, "Yes, we can!" There is a little trick to it, however. Sandwiching the die and the felt between two B plates did not work. The cut was only partial -not satisfactory. I tried the C plate - a definite no go. So, I reverted back to the B plate, adding one sheet of cardstock under the die. Voila! It worked.

So excited I was to show you, I put together the easiest card I could think of. While I'm certain this has been probably been done before, I haven't seen it anywhere and thus feel like I might be showing/telling you something you haven't already seen or heard. I'm more apt to watch someone else do something a hundred times and then get up the courage to try it myself. No pioneer am I. LOL.

Materials & Tools: White Daisy and Cranberry cardstock; Patterned paper from my stash; Black and Cranberry ink pads; Large Friendship Alphabet and Simple Stitches stamp sets; Holiday Craft Buttons; Red crochet cotton; Red and white felt; Cuttlebug w/Flowers dies.

After what seemed like a short weekend, Monday was Monday. I determined today that I am going to invest in some type of listening device, as in an iPod or simple CD player, to use at work. There is a lot going down these days, and I'm within earshot of way too many conversations that interrupt my thought process. That said, I'm going to go get a couple of things done before turning in early. I hope yours is a terrific Tuesday. I'll catch you again then. Thanks for stopping by!


Jeanne said...

Awesome! Thanks for the tip...I actually bought some felt today for the same thing! To try my hand at cutting felt! Great minds, huh?

Leslie said...

Way cool! I love my I-pod. I would totally recomend it.

Tracy said...

Love the colors on the card!

And, if you have time, you've been tagged! It's a quick tag, so hopefully you can "play"!

Tickle Me Pink said...

Darling card! I have often wondered if my bug would cut felt, but just haven't tried it yet. Thanks for the the how to!!