Saturday, February 14, 2009

Amazed ...

This card arrived in my mailbox yesterday. It was from my friend, Jeanne, who has the kindest heart and more talent in her little finger than I have in my entire body. The crocheted detail on this most beau-ti-ful card is a wonderful example of her diversity.

The card arrived with a book, The Origami Handbook, that she thought I would find interesting. She was so right. In paging through it, not only did I learn that the box I created is a traditional 'masu' box, but I discovered that many of the folded paper projects I did as a kid - paper hats, fortune tellers, chains made from gum wrappers, and the like - were Origami, as in the 'real deal.' There's a chapter entitled, "Toys, Games, & Action Origami," that features all kinds of fun little things like leaping frogs and gliders that I can make to amuse the little guys and when they're old enough teach them to make themselves. Fun!

If you'll excuse the not-at-all photogenic model, I'll show you something else Jeanne did. The Mobebius scarf I'm wearing was a gift that not only keeps my neck warm but warms my heart even more. To explain it, as best I can, it's a scarf knit in a continuous loop. The one she blessed me with is a long one, which can be wrapped twice, tucked under my coat, or pulled up like a hood. On more than one frigid, windy day, I've said a silent 'thank you' as I've walked the long trek from the parking lot to the door at work.

My heart is warm today as I think not only about Jeanne but all of the other wonderful people who bless my life - my family and friends, some of whom live within a couple of blocks and others, like my cyber friends, I have yet to meet. A few weeks ago, I sent Jeanne a book, I am Amazed, by Jodi Hill. It's a coffee table-type book that artfully describes how I feel about so many people, and to borrow a few words, ...Mostly I admire you, you who give love so effortlessly, with such ease, and such grace ... as if the steps of the heart just flowed from your every muscle, and I am amazed that you let me fumble along beside you. It's you who amaze me... you lovers and losers, you teachers and listeners, you faithful and hopeful spirits of playfulness, wisdom and strength... you who show up every day and dance. It's you I admire, and I am happily, joyfully, and gratefully amazed.

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Jeanne said...

Awww, shucks, Kathi! You are making me blush! I am so glad you enjoy the little surprises that find their way to you!

I've been wondering how the neckwarmer looks on you and now I know! Thanks for sharing the great picture. And thanks for being an amazing friend!