Thursday, March 5, 2009

Catchin' Up

First, a tag from Tracy, who tagged me so long ago (in January before the 'crash'), she probably forgot about it. I didn't and if I remember correctly, the deal was to take the sixth photo in your sixth file and post it.

This is it - Daddy Cameron, Baby Bjorn, and new Baby Mathias on his birth day, April 11, 2005. Looking at the photo brings back a flood of memories. I remember looking at Mathias that day and feeling as if I already knew him. I couldn't figure out, however, just who it was that he looked like. Silly me. Four years later, he has his daddy's smile, and his eyes twinkle the same way Cameron's did at the same age. And sweet little Bjorn, a 'big' brother at 16 months. Cameron looks so much younger, too, than he does today.

Back to the present, I think I'm supposed to tag six people. Instead, I'll just tell you to play along if you wish and link back to this post, so I can enjoy your photo and whatever story goes with it, too!

I was also the recent recipient of this award from Laurel whose Laurel's Place blog is one of my favorites. Thank you, Laurel! You've got to know that ours is a mutual admiration society! As for my Top 10, most of you know who you are! Besides, I'm lazy ... LOL. Later ...

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Jeanne said...

Oh how sweet is this! My girls are 16 months apart in age, too! I didn't realize the boys were so similar in an age span. Where have I been?

Love the photo and the thoughts you shared!