Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Small-time Circus, Big-time Fun, Etc.

Yes, my grandsons (the kid in the red shirt and the one behind him) are among the children squished onto the back of that elephant, which, by the way, "danced" later in the show. The photo was taken during intermission when for $8 a pop/kid, one could ride the elephant - two laps around the ring - the small ring.

This circus was the kind that travels the small-town circuit. The ringmaster, after his initial spiel in the center ring, spent the rest of the evening in the concession stand where he pulled double duty, doing his announcing thing while selling popcorn and cotton candy. The acts included trained dogs, several balancing and aerial acts, a clown, a clown and a pony that could add and subtract, the overworked elephant (not), and probably more that I've forgotten.

While it was a far cry from "Circus with the Stars," it brought big smiles and squeals of delight from a couple of little boys - well worth the effort it took to attend and the $20 bills that flew out of Grandpa's wallet faster than anyone around here earns them. On a side note, while no one puked, the baby wipes were invaluable. Cotton candy is some sticky stuff.

And now for my second act ... I made these "Peeps in a Jar" AKA "Easter S'Mores" for a benefit that's taking place this evening. They are my "bake sale" contribution, because there was no way, after the circus last night, I was going to fire up the oven. A tutorial that lists the ingredients and shows some cute decorated jars can be found on the Paper Craft Planet site. I also found the recipe by doing a Google search for "Peeps in a Jar."

Had I had more time, I might have been elaborate when decorating the jars. As it was I just kind of grabbed for stuff and threw them together. I think they turned out OK. The only disadvantage with this kind of "kitchen craft" is that, in my haste, I trashed both the kitchen (which DH cleaned up this morning) and my corner (which DH knows better than to touch).

As for the details of the benefit, it's a sad story, part of which is revealed here. Jason is a beautiful young man, who, along with a friend, partied too hard during spring break a couple of weeks ago. They both became ill. Jason passed out and aspirated on vomit, which left him without oxygen long enough so that he's suffered what appears to be severe brain damage. Of course, there are some who pass judgement. No, these young men should not have done what they did, but we read about good kids who do dumb things and suffer the consequences every day. I work with his sister and have met his parents. Today is Jason's 24th birthday. The decisions his parents are more than likely going to have to make are decisions no parent should ever have to make. My heart breaks for them. Hopefully, they will take comfort in the support shown by a caring community.

OK. This has been a long one ... When this posts later, I'll be bowling. The little guys are staying with us tonight, and I have the big card order I mentioned Friday to finish up when I get home. Another late night. I'm going to need that day off on Friday just to rest up! Thanks for stopping by. Until tomorrow (when I should be in a more relaxed mood), take care!


Betsy said...

The peeps in a jar are far too cute!!

I went to a circus once that the performers just kept changing their costumes and their names and coming back out to perform different things. I guess it's not as easy to get kids to run away and join the circus as it used to be.

My heart goes out to the family the benefit is held for. I am praying for a miracle!

Sharli said...

LOVE the circus photo!!! I think the thing I don't like about the circus in Phoenix is that it's TOO BIG and too commercial. I would probably enjoy a small town circus (even though I'm sure it's plenty commercial!) LOL

It doesn't hurt that you had your precious grandbabies with you! Life is sweet!

The peep-s'mores are a HOOT! Who would have thought of that one!?

Then what sad news about the young man. I agree - good people make poor decisions, and my heart, too, breaks for his parents. Is there anything I can do?


Sylvia said...

Small town circus' are fun and we too have pics of our grandkids on the elephant. One year got one with a mini pony. Read the sad story of Jason. Hope the benefit is well attended.

Sarah said...

The peeps in a jar are soooo much FUN!
I am so glad no one puked!
The Circus sounds like it was a hit. I laughed out loud as I read the bit about the $20 bills flying out of grandpas wallet! My daughter is next to me and she is saying " What's so funny Mom?" There are not many people who make me do that...Terry Pratchett the British Author is one LOL and now apparently so are you.
As a nurse I see the results of kids bad decsions every day and there can be no judging...just a whole lot of sadness and compassion. What a sad situation.

Laurel said...

Cute stuff!

Jeanne said...

Sounds (and looks) like great fun was had by all. Thank goodness no one got an upset tummy.

Love the Peeps but for such a sad cause. I hope the benefit was well attended. I was moved by Sarah's comment...and agree, one shouldn't judge.

Thanks for sharing, my friend!

Kariberry said...

Looks like your grandsons had a blast. I can't remember the last Circus i went to.
Peeps are cute!

Stampin n da Hood said...

OMG! Was that the Culpeppers Family Circus or something like that?
They come to our area too...the adults see the wear and tear on costumes and animals (and performers) but the kids just love it.

Hope the benefit was a success.