Tuesday, April 14, 2009

You Be the Jury ...

I need to tell you that the medallion on my revision of last night's card is not as bold as it appears in the photograph. In other words, it looks better in person. (Don't they all? LOL.)

Anyway, I tried one of the Damask Tiles last night. No, the card needed something round. I ended up choosing a stamp from CTMH's Inspiration set, stamping it with Chocolate ink on a piece of Amore paper, and "dressed it up" with a Circle Window Charm. The punched leaves were added, because the punch is new and was just sitting there waiting to be used. It's the Martha Stewart Five Leaf Branch punch I finally tracked down on a website.

So, what do ya think? Is this an improvement? Personally, I like it better.

And how, Jeanne asked, did I manage to break my Crop-O-Dile? I don't know. The settings were wrong ... I think. The print directions on the back of the package were so darned small I needed a magnifying glass to see 'em, so me and the Crop-O-Dile never really got along all that well. When it comes to tools, I either catch on right away, or I don't catch on at all. Mechanically challenged, maybe?

It's time to go get ready for my banquet this evening. Tomorrow is my last day of work for the week. Yippee!! With no pending parties or holidays, I'm looking forward to a day I can simply enjoy. I hope yours was a good day. Catch ya later ...


Sarah said...

Enjoy your day!
I like it better too. The flower on the other card was a stark contrast. This coordinates with the card more.
I totally hear you with the 'looks better in real life' thing...the camera (particularly mine) seems to suck the life right out of my cards!

Laurel said...

I like it better too, it is lovely!

Jeanne said...

Great choice, Kathi! This looks super!

Sorry to hear you and the Crop-o-dile never got along. I don't use mine too much, but it's nice to have on hand when I need it...and to not have to pound on the floor...LOL I've seen now where they have come out with a corner rounder!

Have an awesome day!

Mischelle Smith said...

Kathi, your card is GORGEOUS! I am quite certain that Melanie Montes De Oca would be so completely HONORED that you found her project SO inpiring you created your own! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your revised version! Beautiful!

Kariberry said...

This is pretty too. But i tell ya, all your cards are beautiful!
Enjoy your looooong weekend. :)

Sharli said...

I love the window charm - it's perfect for the card!

I'm amazed that you could break a crop-a-dile. I have a love/hate relationship with mine. I love that I can set eyelets quietly - but the darn thing is so heavy and clunky that it's hard for me to hold and use.

It's on Thursdays (or rather, Wednesdays) that I am especially jealous of your three day weekend! Friday is just about my favorite day (next to Saturday and Sunday!).