Thursday, May 21, 2009

Just Because

Although I have several "intentional" projects to work on such as graduation cards, a gift for Bjorn's teacher, and a couple of other things, I made these cards last night just because I felt like it.

First, I was in the mood to paint with my much-neglected waterbrush. Watercolor is my favorite paint technique, and I've long wanted to learn how but have never found/made the time. A waterbrush and ink from an ink pad are as close as I've come ... so far. As for the card, it's self-explanatory, I think.

Materials & Tools: Colonial White, Lilac Mist, and Black cardstock; Watercolor paper; Black, Lilac Mist, Spring Iris, Sunny Yellow and Topiary ink pads; Penny Black Gossamer rubber stamp and CTMH Argyle Backgrounds and Happy Birthday stamp sets; Black Bitty Brads; Black wire; Martha Stewart Butterfly punch; Medium waterbrush.

My second card was the result of my craving some cuteness as well as my desire to cut into some new patterned cardstock from my little trip to Archiver's. I paper-pieced Megan's top and skirt and colored the rest of the image with markers.

Materials & Tools: Colonial White and Pansy Purple cardstock; My Mind's Eye patterned cardstock; Black and Pansy Purple ink pads; Tombow #850 Flesh marker and CTMH Sweet Leaf, Autumn Terracotta, Baby Pink, Sunny Yellow, Topiary, and Grey Flannel markers; Whipper Snapper Designs Megan stamp and CTMH Happy Birthday set; Colonial White mini brads; Black My Legacy Writer; 1 and 1-1/4 inch circle punches; Pop Dots.

How was your day? I was very busy and will be tomorrow, too. As soon as I heard my manager say my name followed by, "Don't freak out," I knew something was up. It was a request for a 600-word article for a publication in the UK due ... uh, today... I didn't freak or faint. It's only 600 words of rather generic information. She got the deadline extended until tomorrow morning. I'll get 'er done ... that and about 20 other priority projects that are piled high on my desk. Obvious, isn't it, why the 32-hour workweeks didn't work out? It's nice to be needed. LOL.

Marv called a few minutes ago and is on his way home with four little fish and one fish story - the "big" one that broke Dustin's line. Typical.

If you follow American Idol at all, you'll know that my prediction was wrong. My reaction was rather blasé - no moans, groans, or tears. I didn't fall out of my chair. Before the show was over (it ran past two hours), Cameron called to see who won, so I was able to share the moment. He was more shocked than I was. Good thing his dad wasn't here. He would have been annoyingly noisy about the whole thing.

No, I'd better go get to work on those "intentional" projects! Thanks for the sweet comments on my last post. Your support and visits are appreciated. Enjoy the evening, and I'll talk to you again on Friday (yea!).


Sylvia said...

Love the Penny Black card. I have that stamp and don't use it nearly enough. The little girl stamp is really cute. Love the fun colors.

Sarah said...

I am loving the coloring on the flower! The cuteness factor of the second card is wayyy up there LOL.
Thanks for sharing them!!!!

Leslie said...

That lilac mist is one of my favorites. great cards. Super job on paper piecing. Do you find other card stock is easier to color on with markers than CTMH? I can't figure out what I am doing wrong. It is either our markers, our cardstock or I just don't know how to color with markers. I see all these great jobs with copics and think maybe it's the markers, but then again maybe it's just me.

Sharli said...

Hi Kathi,
Love the blue card - you are SO good at making the backgrounds match up - confess, what's your trick???

I'm glad you didn't fall out of your chair!

Also - it is nice to be needed (in the current economy, especially when it's needed at work). I'm glad you had a busy day and not at all surprised that you rose to the occasion!

Love the fish story, too!

Laurel said...

These are fabulous, I especially love the soft colors of the first card!

pammie said...

Kathi I don't know how you do it - work full time, awesome grandma and still have the gumption to make the most delicious and inspiring cards! I REALLY like this one. Can't wait to get my stuff unpacked (hopefully this weekend) and get going again!

Kariberry said...

Kathi these are adorable! The blue one is just too pretty!!

Alanna said...

That first card is gorgeous Kathi. Great job on the water coloring. And the second card is so dang cute. Love how you paper pieced the little girl.

Jeanne said...

Awwww, Kathi...both cards are terrific. You have a way with that waterbrush that makes me feel just a teensy weensy bit envious. The card is beautiful. And the second card goes straight to my heart. Minus the glasses, it could be either one of my girls! Love it!!

Don't watch the show, but I caught wind of the "shocker" ending. LOL

Steph K (booga3) said...

Your floral card is just beautiful! Love your Megan card, too - her paper-pieced shirt is just too cute!

Deborah Young said...

I echo Pammie's sentiment.....when do you have time to do it? I just spent the last three hours updating my CTMH website. Of course, I hadn't touched it in a while....maybe consistency is the key ;-)
Beautiful cards - lilac mist is one of my favorites as well! It was in my consultants kit (Life Delights) when I signed up.