Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Card from Erin

Today, Erin posted the sixth and final set of cards from her awesome "Scrap My Scraps" challenge on her Inky Smiles blog. What fun it was, and how grateful I am that she asked me to participate. It was very interesting to see how three people turned the same scraps into cards. Alisha and Jeanne's cards were wonderful! And it was great to see Erin's originals, too. The card I'm showing you tonight is one Erin sent when she sent my scrap packet. Isn't it beautiful? Thanks, Erin - for the card and the privilege of participating in your challenge. I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

My stamp club met tonight. We colored with Prismacolor pencils and Gamsol odorless mineral spirits. Not only was it fun to show them how to do something they hadn't done before but great fun to see them all so successful at it.

Today was another sad day for our sweet Miranda. Last Saturday night, a day after burying her husband, Miranda's grandma suffered a severe stroke. She died last night. Her funeral is Saturday. While passing within a few days of each other is a fitting end to her grandparents' 61-year love story, I feel so sorry for their family. The children and grandchildren. They are all physically and emotionally exhausted. Sad.

Back to happier thoughts, it's Friday tomorrow, and come Saturday, I've got something really fun to show you - a surprise! Just one little hint ... It's something you've never seen before ... Curious? With that, I'll sign off until tomorrow. Enjoy Friday!!


Sarah said...

I really enjoyed the scrap was wonderful. All of your cards were great.
Erin's card is gorgeous.
SOOO sorry about Miranda's grandmother...So sad. She is with her husband again.

You are a tease LOL..I can't wait till Saturday.
Have a wonderful night Kathi.

Alanna said...

What a beautiful card that Erin sent. I'm so sorry for Miranda. How hard that must be to lose two loved ones in such a short amount of time. However, the couple is now reunited so I believe that to be good.

Can't wait to see what you've got in store for us. I'm sure it will be great.

Jeanne said...

Erin is such a sweetie! Love the card she sent you. It was a blast doing the challenge, wasn't it? Your cards were fantastic!

I'm so very sorry to hear about Miranda's grandmother. It's so hard on those of us still here to understand, but hopefully the thought of the two of them still together will bring them some comfort.

You are such a tease! Dare I hope that you've tried crocheting???? I'm anxious to find out what you've been up to!

bunkobeth said...

My prayers to Miranda and her family. My parents passed close together like that. It's hard, but they are together.

That's a beautiful card! I'm off to my scrap room - time to make some more cards for grads.

Sparkle said...

So sad...but a gorgeous card. The scrap challenges were fun!

And yeah for Saturday! Wink, wink! :)