Friday, June 5, 2009

Da Bear ... Again!

Good evening, and Happy Friday! Even though, as Mathias would say, "It's not my favorite," I'm going to show you this card anyway in the event I don't get anything else stamped tonight. This is the bear again from the Happy Camper set.

Materials & Tools: Colonial White, Sunflower, and Ponderosa Pine cardstock; Cosmo Cricket Early Bird patterned paper; Black ink pad; Holiday Red and Garden Green markers; The Cat's Pajamas Happy Camper and Papertrey Ink Mixed Messages stamp sets; Natural twill ribbon; Prismacolor colored pencils; Gamsol odorless mineral spirits; Blending stumps; Cuttlebug w/Nestabilities Classic Circles set.

Yes, I'm happy again today. Work was fine. I caught up on a bunch of stuff and avoided anyone I thought might be unpleasant. I also had my time for the week in before 3, so I was out of there pronto, so Miranda and I could go check out the wedding reception facility and go to the flower shop. As soon as I got home I was on the Internet checking out places that rent chair covers and table linens. I also spotted some lighted glass blocks in the flower shop that I thought would make beautiful table decorations. Miranda loved them, so I did a little hunting around for supplies to make them, too. Ribbon for pew bows and fabric for chair sashes, too. We discussed invitations, gift registry, setting up a wedding website, engagement photos, etc., etc., as well. And thus, by the time I got home my little brain was/is on overload. It's time to make a list!

I can make my list this weekend, cuz heaven knows I won't be hankering to go outside. It's currently 48 degrees. Tonight it is supposed to get down to 36. The thermometer isn't supposed to hit 70 again before next Friday. This is unbelievable, and so help me if I see a snowflake in June, I'm going to pack up and move. Not that I'm complaining or anything. LOL.

Right now, I think I'm going to go put my feet up, rest, and see if I can get my head to stop spinning. If you read all this garble, thanks for hearing me out. I hope your weekend is wonderful. If you're in a warm place, enjoy! If you're in a cold place like me, put a sweatshirt on. Thanks for stopping by, and I'll talk to you again on Simple Saturday!


Sarah said...

"it's not may Favorite" OMGosh that is the CUTEST thing. I go to my kids for their opinions lol..I know they give it instantly and without thought or analysis. I think it is too cute!
36 degrees are you kidding!!!! I HOPE you have leaves on your trees now.

Sharli said...

Wonderful card - I LOVE it!

Kathi - you can come live with me in Arizona! I would recommend you hang out where you are until October though - we're regularly over 100 now and it won't cool off before Halloween.

Enjoy making your lists.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for always sharing your artwork and words. I come here often, okay daily, sometimes 2x per day..ahem.

As I was saying; your artwork is wonderful, inspiring and thought provoking!

- Veronica :)

Alanna said...

So cute Kathi. Love that patterned paper and how you have the bear above the top fold of the card.

Hopefully, the weather will warm up for you a bit over there.

Jeanne said...

While it may not be Mathias' favorite, it's one of mine! Love the bear and that paper, oh my!

I cannot believe your weather. Of course, it's been awfully cool and rainy here, so maybe I can, but still I agree, it had better not snow in JUNE. That is just NOT right. LOL

Sounds like you had a productive day and are getting along nicely in your planning for the upcoming wedding.

Hope the rest of your weekend goes as well, my friend!

Lisa said...

I think the card is cute, cute, cute! Wow you have been a busy lady!

Anonymous said...

This is so cute, I love the bear and the paper!