Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fun at the Fair

Here are Bjorn, Mathias, Miranda, and Willie. Willy was one of three horses
Miranda took to the county fair this year. The one in the background is Sadie.
While the little boys have no fear, Grandma has a certain amount of
respect for horses. I was the one, however, who hopped the fence
and held big, restless Sadie still while Miranda's friend, who was going to
ride her, got up in the saddle. Evidently, the horse understood when
I said, "Please, don't move." LOL.
Willy, who just got back from the trainer last week, needed
to be worked before being ridden.

And, here is our beautiful daughter-in-law-to-be on Willy.

Bjorn and Mathias are real animal-lovers. At four, Mathias also has an answer for everything. When I told him the sign said to keep fingers out of the cages, his quick retort was, "Well, Gamma, you know I can't read!" LOL.

After checking out the animals, it was time for the treat of choice - cotton candy.
Oh, yes! And, some people never grow up. I'm so glad!
Daddy Cameron and his friend, Sarah, watching his boys have fun.

Those two little heads by the flower are those of Bjorn and Mathias.
They loved this ride!
I swear I have a photo of Cameron on the back of a motorcycle
ride with the exact same look on his face - 25-plus years ago.
I love this photo of Bjorn - sheer delight!
Finally, this is Bjorn sliding into the home stretch.
Pokey Mathias is still at the top of the slide!

And that was our Friday evening trip to the 2009 county fair. While I felt a little punk yesterday, it was worth it. Now, that the fair is over, however, I need to set the bride and groom-to-be down and show them my long lists of details that need to be addressed. The wedding is September 19. With the exception of the invitations being printed (this week), all of the big things are taken care of. It's just the 1,001 little things... and as we all know, time flies.
Speaking of time, it's time for me to get to bed so I can get up and go to work in the morning. I hope your weekend was a good one - the start of a good week! I'll be finding some mojo and stamping some cards this week. It's the only thing that keeps me sane! LOL. Later, friends ...


Laurel said...

Looks like a lot of fun!

Tiff said...

These pictures are GREAT!!! I love the one with the really captured them!

Alanna said...

What fun and precious pictures. It sure looks like a lot of fun was had.

I hope your Monday goes well.

Jeanne said...

FANTASTIC pictures, Kathi! Thank you SO much for sharing them. I can just feel the fun and excitement of the kids. Awesome! It makes me happy just looking at them.

It looks like the weather cooperated at least a little and the sun made an appearance. Yay!

Good luck getting the bride and groom situated on the remaining details for the wedding...*Ü*

Anne said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun at the fair! LOVED the photos with your daughter-in-law-to-be w/ her horses. My 12 y/o daughter is getting ready to show her horse at our County Fair coming up the first week in August.

Hope you have a good week!

Sarah said...

Sept 19th will be upon you in no time!!
These are all wonderful pictures and I enjoyed looking at all of them. Those little boys are just darling! I am loving the mental image of you hoppin over the fence and holding on to a horse...NOT ME!

Leslie said...

Kathi, great family photos. I wish I had taken more when the children were little. Who knew I would love to scrap now that I am older.

Sylvia said...

Looks like the litte ones had lots of fun at the fair. They grow up so fast. I remember the fun we had when we used to take Sam and Leola to the county fair. Now Leola is married and Sam just popped the question to Samantha and she said yes.

I have a card idea in my head just need to find time to put it together.

Deborah Young said...

Well, gramma, you KNOW I can't read...........too cute!!!

Sharli said...

How did I miss these!?! What wonderful photos!!!!! I laughed out loud at all the "kids" eating cotton candy - what a sweet photo! Looks like a wonderful fair - I'm so happy for you all.

Kariberry said...

How fun! I seen there little heads. All great pictures! TFS your fun day!