Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Just Stopping By ...

... to say "hi!" No card today. I hope you'll excuse me. My corner has been declared a disaster area and is definitely not conducive to creativity. And with kids coming over in a little bit to feed and get ready to go to a parade, there's no time.

The weather could be a little nicer. It's only 61 degrees and windy. I looked today, and we've had temperatures of 80 and above (barely) here on only five days since June 1. What is that? Certainly not a normal summer ... even in the frozen frozen tundra.

For tonight, I guess we'll dress in layers, and I'll grab a car blanket or two to wrap around the little ones should they get cold.

Miranda and I went to our appointment at the florist. Now, it's to wait for the quote. The hand-tied bouquets will be a mix of roses, Gerber daisies, miniature sunflowers, berries and an assortment of greens. A variety of those same flowers in deep fall shades will be used for the arrangements, corsages, and boutonnieres. I advised her not to open the quote in front of the groom, who is rather overwhelmed by the very idea of it all. Poor Dusty. LOL.

No, I'd better go get a couple of things done before the activity begins. I hope you are having a good week. Talk to you again tomorrow when I have something to show you ... Take care!


Sharli said...

I wish I could package up some of our heat and send it to you!!!

Good advice regarding the quote on the flowers - spoken like one who knows how to time the difficult discussions!

Hope the parade and fair are wonderful - I haven't been to the fair in years but I used to just love going.

Jeanne said...

Dang, your weather isn't sounding like very much fun! I hope there was no rain on your parade!

The flowers sound like they will be gorgeous. And aren't you sweet to give Miranda some tips on how best to navigate this part of the planning. LOL

Anne said...

Good luck cleaning up your corner! Mine's been declared an official disaster area so long ago that I've forgotten LOL!

Hope you enjoy the parade with the boys :-)

tiffguam said...

You can surely have some of this desert heat!

Kariberry said...

Yeah there is a cold front coming in. You got it first. hehehe... we are getting temps around 68 degress Friday & Saturday, and then a warm up again. We did get some much needed rain the other morning, an inch.