Monday, December 28, 2009

You Touch My Heart

I don’t know that I’ve ever been more determined to make a card than I was this evening. So much so, my wastebasket is full, and my corner looks like it was hit by a cyclone. It’s a sparkly mess, too, the result of opening my glitter stack upside down. Under normal circumstances, that would have been the last straw, but tonight, I persevered.

About my card, this isn’t what I had in mind, but after finally realizing I was incapable of Thankful Hearts_Dec 2009 producing anything original, I resorted to an attempt at copying someone else’s design. I while back I spied this gorgeous card on the Just Give Me Stamps blog. I changed up the colors and gave it a whirl.

You can’t really see the scoring between the rows of hearts. As for the big heart, it’s covered with glitter and much brighter than it appears in the photo. While it doesn’t have the flair of the original, I’m just pleased that I was able to come up anything at all. During my little break, I seem to have lost my mojo. LOL.

Materials & Tools: White Daisy and Cranberry cardstock; Cranberry ink pad; Verve Stamps Thankful Hearts stamp set; Ribbon from Wal-Mart; Holiday Craft Buttons; Sparkles; Glitter Stack, Scor-Pal; Corner rounder.

Prior to my stamping adventures (better said misadventures), my day was relatively uneventful. The business world is pretty quiet between Christmas and New Years. I hope you had a wonderful day, and as always, thank you for taking the time to visit. It’s your kindness and support that keep me coming back and missing you when I’m not here! Later…


Sarah said...

OHHHH the MIA Mojo!!! I SO understand that one! I don't even throw cards away though...probably because I am so noncommittal I never glue it down until I am happy? Probably why it takes me 3 hours to make a 5 mins card...I have to try everything!
OK ignore me I came to comment on your love love all those little hearts and the scoring.Great card Kathi even if it is CASE'd...!
Take care.

Jeanne said...

Fabulous! I'm so glad you persevered! It looks terrific!

Sounds like a good week to wind down from the busyness of the holidays.

Laurel said...

I love it Kathy! I love your random stamping, it is so perfect, mine always looks so random!

Sharli said...

If I waited for an original thought, I'd only make about 2 cards a year!!! It's the inspiration of others that gets me moving! Nice card!!

Anonymous said...

Miss Kathi, you make beautiful cards with or without mojo. I'm like Sharli, I rarely come up with original ideas, so I come to your blog daily for inspiration. Have been following your blog for awhile now, and thougt it was about time to let u know that I appreciate your efforts and the time it takes to inspire others. Thanks so much! Take care. Cindy S

BananaStamper said...

Kathi, your card is fabulous!
Shanna :)

Alanna said...

I love this Kathi and I'm pretty sure I've said this before but I'll say it again. I'd gladly take your "alleged" lack of mojo anyday. Your cards always rock.

Carolyn Christie said...

Very pretty card! Love all the hearts!! You cannot make a bad card. It's not in your DNA....LOL
Oh and the glitter, I hate that when i play and then have to go somewhere. The strange looks don't bother me anymore. :)

Happy New Year Kathi!!