Monday, February 22, 2010

A Prototype

That’s one way of saying this card is the result of playing around with an idea. It’s not quite what I want, but the “vision,” I believe, has promise. State of Mind_Feb 2010 Here’s the story: I’ve been eying this stamp from Hero Arts. While I seriously love it, I been on a penny-pinching kick, trying to replenish the savings (rocking chair funds), which were dipped into last year. So, I’ve been trying to “make do.” No sympathy is necessary. It’s not like I don’t have plenty of “stuff.” I barely fit into my corner. LOL.

Anyhoo, in my post Saturday, I told you how much I love the text backgrounds we’re seeing everywhere and how I saw the potential for such in CTMH’s State of Mind set.

For my prototype, I stamped the butterfly three times on Bamboo cardstock, masked the image with a mask cut from a Post-It note, and then stamped by text image. Had I not been so darned excited about my idea, I might have stamped the text image straight. Sigh … I distressed the edges with a sponge dauber and took a few swipes at it, too, with my Bamboo ink pad. I used my Edge Distressor as well with thoughts it might compensate for my crooked text. My efforts may well have had the opposite effect. Sigh…

I’m going to fool around some more with this concept. Play with the placement of the butterflies, ink colors, layout, etc. And, stamp straight! There’s potential here. I just need to go back to the workbench. Oh, and can you tell from the use of the words “concept,” “prototype,” and “workbench,” my job involves design engineers? Ugh… Work junk is becoming ingrained in my psyche. LOL.

Materials & Tools: Colonial White, Bamboo, and Black cardstock; Black and Bamboo ink pads; Sunflower and Autumn Terracotta markers; State of Mind, Butterfly Kiss, and Solo “Y” stamp sets; Black grosgrain ribbon; Pewter Designer Brads; Sponge dauber; Edge Distressor tool.

Yea, and I trashed my workbench, too, which means I better go clean it up. My day was OK … for a Monday. I hope yours was at least that good if not better. Up at 5 am this morning, I’ll be turning in early tonight and wearing my flannel jammies, too. Mother Nature has decided we need another cold snap with the thermometers dipping below 0 again. As one of my favorite little people would most adamantly say, “She’s not my friend.”

But you are, and I appreciate your stopping by and listening to (er … reading) my ramblings. Enjoy the evening!


Sharli said...

I LOVE it already Kathi! I love the antique look, and the flash of the monarch colors was so beautiful that it made me SMILE! Definitely a good vision!


Leslie said...

Kathi, I love that you share your "not exactly what I was going for" work too. Makes me feel not so alone. Your card is very pretty. as Sharli says, "antique"y.
Can't wait to see the finished product.
Hope your week goes well.

Laurel said...

This is gorgeous!

Sarah said...

If you hadn't told me you had stamped the text straight I wouldn't have fact I can't even see the un-straight stamping LOL. This is have created a most delightful effect here Kathi..Those butterflies are perfect.

Sparkle said...

I think your card is lovely and I like the text a bit off.

Jeanne said...

This is awesome! What I especially like (aside from the butterflies, of course) is that you are taking what you already have and making something so very pretty! Yay, Kathi!

After four days of gray skies and light snow falling, we finally saw the sun yesterday, but it was still cold. Today promises temps above freezing. I think you are getting what we had. Sorry.

Carolyn Christie said...

I love this card!! Gorgeous!! I broke down and ordered that SS, among other ctmh products too. :)