Monday, March 29, 2010

The Heartbeat and Freedom of Your Soul

A stone coaster on my desk features the following words by Confucius: “Words are the voice of the heart.” A lover of words, I find that statement to be so true even though there are times, I’ve learned, when there are no words to describe what the heart feels. I can no more describe the feelings I experienced when holding my newborn sons and grandsons for the first time than I can having my heart shattered into a million pieces. But for all that lies in between unadulterated joy and utter devastation, there are words – beautiful words.

When I saw the words on this inspiring card on the Suzz’s Stamping Spot blog, I knew that I had to have that sentiment stamp. I wish I had had the stamp and this card to give Dustin before he left for the Twin Cities today. Instead, I’ll put in on his desk tomorrow, so it is there when he returns to work on Wednesday.

My card was a “make-do” experiment that worked out. Like Suzanne, I stamped my Silhouette Grass stamp with VersaMark and embossed it with clear embossing powder. I did not, however, have brown pigment ink, which is where the experiment began. I knew that dye-based ink would not stick to the embossing. Would VersaMark stick? The only way to find out was to try it and then attempt to emboss the sentiment with Cocoa embossing powder over the clear embossing. It worked (yes!) even though I believe I lost some of the detail of the grass stamp when the clear embossing was reheated. I used a script stamp and Bamboo ink for the background and then sponged with Desert Sand and Chocolate inks until I achieved a look I deemed acceptable. Instead of birds, I opted for a single small butterfly, which was stamped with Cocoa, colored with markers, cut out, and attached to my card with two tiny ultra-thin “pop-dots.”

Materials and Tools: Colonial White and Cocoa cardstock; Cocoa and VersaMark ink pads; Sunflower and Autumn Terracotta markers; Clear and Cocoa embossing powders; Hero Arts Silhouette Grass and Verses Wings of Your Dreams rubber stamps; Close To My Heart Butterfly Kiss and Air Mail (retired) stamp sets; Cocoa grosgrain ribbon; Embossing heat tool; Round sponges; EK Success 1/16th-inch foam dots.

My workday was quite ordinary, which, all things considered, is a blessing. My spray painting experience last night was quite disastrous. Wind, albeit gentle, and spray paint on are not compatible. I  have a sweatshirt and pair of jeans that are now classified as “everyday” clothes. I think I coughed up what I inhaled. And then, after all that, I discovered I don’t really have the “right” materials to complete my project anyway. As it is/was an Easter project and I am not going to find the right materials in my “retail-challenged” town, my so-called project will probably get shelved for this year. Not a big deal.

And, now for a couple of tidbits of good news. First, my mom called last night, and the apartment she was on a waiting list for will be available June 1. Initially, I was told the wait could be up to three years. Not only is she getting an apartment but the floor plan she wanted. In a 47-unit building, there are only six with this particular floor plan, two of which are corner units with more windows. She hit the jackpot and is getting a corner unit. I’m hitting the jackpot, too. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have my mother so close again. She’s so excited, too. Imagine a new start after living in the same place for 58 years. At 19, she was a mere child when she married my dad and moved to the farm where he grew up. I am excited for her.

Did I say something about a jackpot. While I have not heard this from the horse’s mouth, it is my understanding that Dustin stopped at a casino about 50 miles down the road to pee use the restroom on his way to the Twin Cities early this afternoon. He put a 20-dollar bill in a penny machine and was fooling around with a minimum bet until looking at his watch and deciding he better step it up and get back on the road. He increased his bet and a few minutes later cashed out 70,000 pennies. He called his dad to report his 20-minute, $700 windfall. Figures. If he’d lost his 20 bucks, he would have called me for sympathy. Oh, and he wouldn’t have gotten much. There are restrooms at gas stations. LOL.

I’m getting long and had better cut it off. If you’re still with me, thanks for putting up with my drivel stories. I have to fill up all this “white space” that is making me a little crazy. I hope you day was wonderful and tomorrow even better! Later …

P.S. The thermometer climbed over 60 degrees here today! While I would not put it past Mother Nature to play a mean trick on us yet this year, I will venture to say spring has officially sprung in the frozen tundra. Yippee!


Alanna said...

WOW Kathi, this is AMAZING. It is breathtaking.

How fun about Dustin's win. And I'm so happy about your mom's situation. That will be wonderful for both of you.

Sylvia said...

Gorgeous card! I think your stories are neat. When we traveled through Louisana a lot of the gas stations had casinos attached. That is great that your Mom will be living close to you.

Sharli said...

I love your art (always!) and I love your stories, too! I'm glad you were talkative tonight! And happy for Dustin!

Words - sometimes windows into our souls, but for me, often leading to trouble. I tend to speak and then think - not a good practice! LOL As I'm getting older, I'm learning to keep my mouth shut until I've thought of the more appropriate statement! Well, at least some of the time.

I envy you having your Mom close - that would be so wonderful. Enjoy every moment.

Laurel said...

Wow, this is absolutely gorgeous Kathi!

Jeanne said...

This is one stunningly gorgeous card, Kathi, with a truly inspirational sentiment. WOW! You done did GREAT here, my friend! Dustin will love the card and the love behind its creation.

Thanks for sharing your stories, I love them! I'm happy for you that your mom will be close by and you can spend some special times with her. How lucky that she was able to get the unit she wanted so very quickly!

That Dustin landed such a sweet windfall bodes well for this job opportunity, I think!

Have a great looks like your week is off to an awesome start!

Carolyn Christie said...

Gorgeous,Gorgeous,Gorgeous!! I love the clear embossing!
How nice your mom will be close to you,and to be in the same place for 58 years wow! There's no place like home, right!
And she is getting the floor plan she wanted. Sweet!

Oh and i would love to win 70,000 pennies. Most i ever won was 60.00 on a scratch off. ya know what they say... You can't win if you don't play! :)

Deborah Young said...

Before I forget (because I will forget by the time I get to the end here - ha), your new header and blog thingies are deeeelightful!!!!

Your card is a masterpiece! Nothing simple about it, if you ask me!

Mommies close by are a good thing. My mom is about a mile away and I take her to lunch on Sundays.

Of course, your young'n should take all of y'all to lunch with 70,000 pennies! wooHOOO!!!