Monday, March 1, 2010

It’s March!

Togetherness_Feb 2010

I will have to admit I was a little intimated by Unscripted Sketches #44 but think I managed to pull it off.

I don’t think my card requires a whole lot of explaining either!

Materials & Tools: Colonial White, Baby Pink, Chocolate, and Crystal Blue cardstock; Topstitch paper packet; Chocolate ink pad; Togetherness and Happy Birthday stamp sets; Chocolate big brad.

In my ongoing computer saga, we didn’t have Internet service again this afternoon, so husband called our cable provider, who said it sounds like we have a line problem. Just what I thought. They are coming tomorrow. As for the dying monitor, I took the bull by the horns and told computer whiz kid to go to Dell’s website tonight and build me a whole new computer. Whether I get another one from Dell or not remains to be seen, but he knows what I want/need and will give me an idea of approximately how much $$ I will have to part with. While I’m at it, I’m getting a new printer, too – the wide format one I’ve been eyeing from Epson that will be good for digital scrapbooking. I informed husband of my plans when I got home tonight. As nothing is completely dead yet, he grumbled a bit but will get over it. In fact, once everything is here and set up, he’ll turn the story around so that somehow it was all his idea. After close to 33 years, I’ve got him figured out. LOL.

It was a quiet day at work, which was fine by me. I did find out I have to move again on Friday, which is not so fine but the way it is when a company has outgrown its 600,000 square foot facility. What’s crazy is that when I started seven years ago, they were just putting the finishing touches on a 400,000 square foot addition, and most of it was empty. There were 800 employees then and now over 2,000.

Tonight, I am going to tackle a pile of clutter in my den and then kick back for the rest of the evening. I hope yours was a good day, too, and that you enjoy the evening. As always, thanks for stopping by! Later …


Deborah Young said...

wooHOOO! New computer! Happy dance, HAPPY dance for YOU!!!

This card rocks! Simply perfect. ;-)

My company is just completing a new facility as well, and I will be moving for the 9th time in 16 years. This time my office will be smaller, so I am finally going to trash a ton of stuff! When my computer crashed in December, I realized that there's a lot of stuff that I reallly don't need.

Good luck!

Alanna said...

Love the card Kathi. You really did a great job with that sketch, which I also thought was a bit intimidating.

How fun that you are getting a new computer and especially the wide format printer. That is definitely something on my wish list.

Sylvia said...

Neat card. I have that paper pack. March 13 I am going to an all day stamping get together. Everyone brings their own thing to do and I think I am going to take that paper pack.

Glad you are gettig a new computer. Jim's computer was acting up so Sam took my old computer, reformatted it and now Jim is using that one. His old one went to Goodwill.

Sharli said...

This card is perfect! I need lots of birthday cards this month (13!) so I'll be "borrowing" this design! ;-)

As for the computer - I'm glad it's in the works. I'm sure you're like me and don't upgrade very often. I'm dying to know how the wide format printer works out - that's on my wish list too.

About work. I know that moving is a "pain" but you are so fortunate to be working for a growing company. Maybe the new spot will be closer to the fritos?


Laurel said...

Love it!

Sparkle said...

Your card is lovely! Getting a new computer is always fun.

Jeanne said...

What a fun card, Kathi! You done did good, girlfriend! *Ü*

I'm so happy for you that you are getting a new computer AND a new printer! You certainly deserve it and more! Enjoy, my dear sweet friend!

One of these days we will be able to say that WE are getting together for a playdate! *Ü*

Carolyn Christie said...
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Kelly said...

Kathi, love that Topstitch paper and your creation for unscripted! The more I see with this set, the closer I get to ordering it....!- kelly

Carolyn Christie said...

I'm still LOL at your comment about your hubby taking credit for the finished results... Why do they do that? hehehe
Hope you get everything running smoothly very soon.
Pretty card!!
Have a great day Kathi!

Oh, and i have a little something for you on my blog.

Sarah said...

Well totally rocked that difficult sketch...LOVE this just wonderful!
WOOHOO on a new computer and printer.
And it is so nice to read about a company growing in this day and age!!!

Steph_C said...

I think you did a fantastic job with this weeks sketch. Love the colors as well. Great card! So glad you joined US again!
Unscripted DT

dstandard said...

What a pretty take on the sketch! Thanks for playing at Unscripted Sketches