Thursday, March 18, 2010

Just Ducky

Springtime_2_Mar 2010

My intention was to make an Easter card, but with little ducks shouting “Baby,” I switched gears. As for details, the umbrella, its handle, and the ducks were paper pieced. Foam tape gives the umbrella a bit of dimension. The ribs of the umbrella were drawn on with a My Legacy Writer.

Material & Tools: Colonial White, Sorbet, Sweet Leaf, and Sunny Yellow cardstock; Caboodle paper packet; Black, Crystal blue, and Sorbet ink pads; Orange marker; Close To My Heart Springtime and Papertrey Ink Mixed Messages stamp sets; Colonial White mini brads; Black My Legacy Writer; 13/16 and 1-inch circle punches; Stampin’ Up Photo Corner punch; 3M foam mounting tape.

I have a question. Is the size of my photos OK? I am sizing them a hair larger than I was when working on a 17-inch monitor. On my old computer, they looked just right … to me. On a 21-1/2 inch monitor, they look kinda small. My personal preference is a photo that is neither too large or too small. While too small photos are frustrating, I don’t want to get in your face with my stuff either. It’s not that good. LOL.

It’s only one more day until the weekend again.The days really fly by, don’t they? We had our warmest two days of the season so far (45 and 48 degrees) yesterday and today. With the warm temperatures, however, we’ve had lots of wind, so they haven’t been all that enjoyable. It’s supposed to cool off again, starting tomorrow. That’s OK. It will help with area flooding situations, which can get a little hairy when spring comes too fast to the frozen tundra.

I’ve had a little excitement at work the past couple of days. Late yesterday, my computer was attacked by a virus – a few fast and furious pop-ups, and I was locked out of everything. While looking for datasheets on the Internet, I evidently ended up in a not-so-good place and got a lot more than I bargained for. In the end, I ended up with a new computer, but only after watching a computer operator try to bring my old one back to life for about three and a half hours this morning. Never having seen anything like that before, it was all quite an education.

How was your day? Tonight, I’m going to do a little housework in an effort to get a jumpstart on the weekend – a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it. Enjoy the evening, friends, and as always, thank you for stopping by. Later…


Sylvia said...

Cute card. The size of your card photos are just right.

Sheila H said...

The card is darling and the pictures are perfect.

Alanna said...

Your card is so cute Kathi. I love those ducks and that umbrella. As for your card size, I think it's just right.

Viruses are so scary. I had one on my work computer a few months back and we're supposed to have super duper software. Not good stuff.

Laurel said...

Ah so darn cute!

Scrappingamma said...

Don't you just love the Caboodle paper pack? Its one of my favorites! The pictures you're posting are just perfect size. They aren't "in your face" but big enough to see the details of your work. I commend you on your steady hand for drawing the lines on your umbrella!! Great job!!

Jeanne said...

Just Ducky is just adorable, Kathi! And your picture size is perfect to me! Definitely not in your face at all (though it wouldn't bother me at all if they were even larger...I think they ARE that good) *Ü*

Goodness, you and computers seem to be having a tough time together these days. Sorry to hear about the virus. Glad it was something that could be taken care of (and that it didn't happen at home!)

Have a great weekend, my sweet friend!

Deborah Young said...

Good grief! I am starting to believe it is your magnetic personality that is causing all of these computer issues - tee hee! So now you have new computers to learn at home and work. I suppose you have mixed feelings about that.

Love the size of your cards on my screens - small at work and laptop at home.

Love your ducky umbrella card! Super cute, dear.

I hope you are feeling better!

Carolyn Christie said...

Your card is adorable! The photo size is just perfect.
Thank you for your prayers! We are all very excited. I'm hoping to get a pic of mommy to be, she's 9 months today. :)
Have a great weekend!

Wendy K. said...

Cute card!