Saturday, August 7, 2010

Simple Saturday

Sweet Baby_3_August 2010

The design for this week’s Simple Saturday card was so simple I made two! Besides, the “Is it pink, or is it blue?” question is still up in the air at my house. LOL. The question is no longer a question for a number of my co-workers, however. In my department, three of my co-workers had babies this past week, and there was one a couple of weeks ago as well – three boys and one little girl – Brennan, Mason, August, and Tegan.

The inspiration for my cards can be found here on the Simplicity blog. Don’t you just love Susan’s CAS style. I certainly do. Oh, and before I forget – my cards meet the criteria for Stamp Simply #151 challenge – One Layer Cards – as featured on the No Time To Stamp? blog.

Materials & Tools: White Textured Cardstock; Heavenly Blue, Crystal Blue, Baby Pink, and Blush ink pads; Sweet Baby and Baby Impressions (retired) stamp sets; Heavenly Blue and Blush Designer Ribbon Rounds.

A Slice of Life: The funeral we attended was for Marv’s cousin’s husband, who succumbed last week to pancreatic cancer at the age of 60. The service was held in a tiny church in a little town about 40 miles from here. As the families were so large, the entire sanctuary of the church was reserved for family and relatives with the rest of the attendees (and there were a lot of them) filling the church basement, entryway, and spilling out unto the steps and churchyard. After the burial and lunch at the church, everyone was invited to gather at the couple’s rural home, so it pretty much ended up being an all-day affair. And tonight, I’m exhausted tonight from having spent a good part of the day outside in the heat and humidity. The high heels and pantyhose that seemed like a good idea this morning weren’t very comfortable by 4 pm.

On our drive back to town, we stopped at the farm where Dustin and Miranda will be living. About 15 miles from city limits, the three-bedroom, rambler-style house (that was Miranda’s grandparents’ house) sits in a huge yard with lots of other large farm buildings. With a mowed area as big as most city parks, there will be no shortage of space for the little one to run and play. The house, which her grandpa built in 1969 and added on to in 1980, has a big living room, kitchen, dining area, master bedroom, two baths, and a number of smaller rooms, including the sweet little room that will the baby’s nursery. They are in the process of painting everything, and new floor coverings will be laid throughout before they move in.

Grandpa and Cameron took the little boys fishing on the river this evening. I hope they catch some fish and are having fun.

Tomorrow will be another “church and chores” Sunday. I am hoping to have some time with Bjorn and Mathias, too, and if there are a few minutes to spare, a little time in my corner. Tonight, I’m going to grab a book and head to bed early.

If you are still with me, that’s my weekend so far. What are you up to? Whatever it is, I hope you are enjoying your time. Take care, and thanks for stopping by!


Sylvia said...

WOW! That is simplicity at its best.

Laurel said...

These are so cute!

Dawb said...

This may be my favorite of your Simple Saturday creations.

Jeanne said...

You've outdone yourself with these cards, Kathi. They are perfect in their simplicity!

The farm that Dustin and Miranda will be living in (at?) sounds like it is steeped in family history. How wonderful that they will be able to add to that history with their own family.

I hope you have been able to re-energize from your somber duties at the service you attended. I definitely don't envy your having to deal with all the emotions as well as the heat and humidity.


Sheila H said...

I love these cards!

Alanna said...

Those are both super cute Kathi. So very sweet.

Sounds like you had a long day yesterday. Hope you can squeeze some R&R today.

Sharli said...

Hi Kathi,
The cards are simply perfect - I'll be saving that idea! LOVE it!

The funeral sounds amazing, actually. What an outpouring of love and support! That's one of the huge benefits of living in a smaller community - I'm pretty sure in this big city that the church won't be full when I die! LOL People here are simply more aloof. Wary.

The new homestead sounds perfect for a growing family. I love the idea of children being able to play in the yard safely. Play is important!

Enjoy your Sunday - mine will be much like yours "church and chores". Better get moving!

Carolyn Christie said...

Adorable cards Kathi!!
Setting up a new house, how fun for them, and a baby on the way to boot!
Have a great week, stay cool my friend!!

Barb said...

Your cards are sweet. I love the clean and simple ones. The farm house sounds so charming, I wish them many happy years there!