Sunday, August 29, 2010

Thank You!

From Jeanne_Aug 2010

On Thursday, the mailman delivered a padded envelope filled with goodies from my friend Jeanne. There was a new Cuttlebug folder (that does 5x7-inch cards), a magnet with a saying about friendship, a package of Martha Stewart doily tags, and so lovingly made by Jeanne, a beautiful tatted medallion, a number of wonderful crocheted elements suitable for cards, and the gorgeous crocheted bracelet shown in the foreground of the photo and again to the right on my not-so-lovely-at-the-moment, Bracelet_Aug 2010kind of old-looking hand. Neither photo does justice to the beautiful beads. And the card, isn’t it the cutest ever? While Jeanne hasn’t been stamping all that often recently, she never seems to lose her touch. The words “Thank you” seem weak in compared to the gratitude I feel for Jeanne’s lovely gifts and the friendships this blog has brought into my life.

The happy mail didn’t stop with Jeanne’s package either. Among the greetings was this awesome card from Sparkle. When I see Sparkle’s amazing coloring, I want Copic markers, although I tell myself that even if I had ‘em, I most likely don’t have Sparkle’s talents. I ooh and ah over her cards and her coloring on her blog, and Sparkle Cardnow, I find myself doing the same thing with her card in my hand. Another thing her cards inspire me to do is add some real stitches. Now, that might be something I can actually handle … one of these days.

I turned 57 on Friday. I celebrated with a short workday and then, a family supper last night. Between Marv and Mom, I didn’t spend much time in the kitchen. And no purchased birthday cake for me. Mom surprised me with a scrumptious “Better than S*x” cake (the typo on purpose as not to attract weird comments. LOL.) It was so good, and I couldn’t help but realize, too, how very lucky I am to still have my sweet mom – not only alive and well but actually here with me.

As I have mentioned other years, the anniversary of my birth is followed by the anniversary of my dad’s passing. Early in the morning of August 28, 1997, my larger-than-life dad died peacefully in his sleep. While I have never doubted that it was his time to go, I still miss him and know I will until one day when we meet again, and he slaps my knee, and I hear the familiar, “How ya doin’, pal?”

Life is good – so very good – and yet sometimes, I find myself struggling with so many things. In recent weeks, I’ve been up and down, which, at times, hasn’t been very conducive to creativity. You’ve been so understanding. I have appreciated it.

It seems as I grow older, I become less and less adaptable to change. In my 57th year, it’s my goal to pull it together again and try to become a bit more resilient.

Enough jabber. I have some chores to do. Once they’re done, I’m going to plop myself in my corner and make something to show you. Enjoy the day! Later, my friends…


Laurel said...

Lucky you! Beautiful cards and goodies.

Sharli said...

Happy, happy belated Birthday Kathi! HUGS!!!!!!!

Sylvia said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Your goodies are neat.

Sparkle said...

I'm glad you had a wonderful birthday! And I love your bracelet!

Jeanne said...

Thanks for posting proof that I did actually make your card. *Ü* Sparkle's card is so very cute! You definitely deserve all the good that comes your way!