Monday, September 27, 2010

Sittin’ on Top of the World…

I will tell you why after I have shown you a couple of cards. This is yet another card from the Stampin' Up Workshop Card_Sept 2010Saturday event. I have seriously adored this stamp set – Stampin’ Up’s Season of Friendship – since it was introduced a couple of years ago. I have yet to purchase it, however, which means either I don’t love it quite enough or I have remarkable restraint – kind of like with that cute owl punch that I have yet to declare my own. LOL.

About this card, some of the leaves are cut out and were mounted with SU Dimensionals. The colors are very nice, although I don’t know what they are. I like the weight of SU’s cardstock. In certain circumstances, I like the solid core, too.

Oh heck, I like it all. Stamping is a good hobby. Actually, all hobbies are good. They give us something to look forward to doing. They are pleasant to think about. If life is otherwise overwhelming, they provide us with a nice diversion. According to studies, folks with hobbies are mentally and physically healthier than those do don’t have them.


Grown with Love_Sept 2010 Here is a similar version of the same card made with Close To My Heart stamps. Mom likes this one better. I’m on the fence. The CTMH stamp is a more traditional-looking tree. The SU tree is contemporary – a look I really like. If I were to wear one of the cards (and that would be quite a sight), I would opt for the top one.  LOL.

Materials & Tools: Colonial White and Autumn Terracotta cardstock; Chocolate, Autumn Terracotta, Goldrush, and Olive stamp pads; Grown with Love and TLC stamp sets; Autumn Terracotta Designer Ribbon Rounds (retired); Stampin’ Up Pewter Jumbo Brads; Crop-O-Dile; Piercing tool; Stampin’ Up Piercing Guide & Mat; 3M foam mounting tape.

A Slice of Life: Today was what one might call a banner day. The weather was gorgeous, and I found out early this afternoon (drum roll, please) that I got a new job. Tonight, I can’t even remember what the title is. I know the last word is photographer. It doesn’t matter. What I am over the moon happy about are my new hours – from 7 pm to 7 am Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Yes, it is a 12-hour overnight shift three days/nights a week. What it means to me is that I will come home from work on Saturday at 7 am, sleep until early afternoon sometime and then not have to think about work again until Wednesday evening.

While I have not said a lot about it, my current job has amounted to what seems like a roller coaster ride within the Twilight Zone these past few months. A management change during what was supposed to have been a job transition for me led to nothing but confusion, disappointment, and heartache for me. During the process, I’ve lost respect for people I need to respect and no longer have much enthusiasm for what I do. I was told this type of turmoil is common in big business. That is too bad and probably one of the reasons Corporate America is despised by so many. The sad thing is that it was nothing that a little honest communication would not have prevented.

Anyway, I will be elated to be removed from all of it. The job basically entails photographing electronic components and then retouching and cataloging them. They will be used on the website and in promotional materials. Because of my experience and company/product knowledge, I get to forego the usual three weeks of formal training and train on the job. Before I can start, however, they need to hire a couple of people. It cannot be soon enough for me.

To make a good day better, the little guys are staying with us tonight. For supper, we got some fast food and went to the park. Did I mention Bjorn got glasses? He wasn’t crazy about the idea, and his Daddy said his glasses were in his backpack when he picked him up at school today. We reminded him of how handsome and smart he looks. Cute is my word.

Tomorrow night, we are going out to see Dustin and Miranda’s new place. Evidently, Dustin has got things “just so” and will finally let me in. LOL. I know that he has done much of the work himself, so it will be fun to see the reason I am so proud. They are moving in this weekend. Finally, a place of their own, and it is nice that they will be there for a few months before Baby Carlson arrives.

I hope your day was wonderful, too.  Take care, and I will “see” you again soon.


Lori said...

I have to say that I like yours best. You did a great job of copying the SU tree. I know what you mean about liking it all. I am the same way. lol.

Marie said...

I agree with Lori (and not just 'cause I'm a CTMH consultant...I have quite a stash of SU stamps!)
I'm so happy for you and your new job!! Congrats. And I guess we'll get to see lots more of your wonderful work now ; )

Laurel said...

Love them both and congrats to you!

Terrie in AZ said...

Do happy for you Kathy! A job should make you happy, not sad and I hope this one will be just your cup of tea....Love the cards too!

Jeanne said...

It's a toss up for me on the trees...both cards are terrific! I guess I never realized CTMH had a tree of their own and I do kinda like that it is more traditional.

Oh Kathi! I am thrilled FOR you about your new job! It had to have been so difficult to head into work when you were unhappy with the way things were going. I hope this new job brings you a new enthusiasm for it. (although I myself could never do an overnight are a bit more of a night owl I think).

I'd love to see Bjorn in his cute glasses! Hope he soon realizes they work better when you wear them!

And I'm thrilled for Dustin and Miranda, too! A realization of a dream is a wonderful thing.

I suspect you are going to have a very good week, my dear friend! Hugs!

Sheila H said...

I like both, but rather like the CTMH a bit better. Congrats on your new job - I trust it will work out much better for you. I'm so glad your hobby allows me the opportunity to view your amazing creativity!

Sparkle said...

What lovely cards and congrats on the new job!

Sylvia said...

I like your card the best. Congratultions on the new job. Hope that every thing works out the way you want it too.

It would be neat to see Bjorn in his eye glasses.

Sharli said...

Hi Kathi! I agree with Jeanne - LOL
Well, I do love both cards!

I am thrilled for your new adventure - I love that you don't know your title (but glad you can describe the job!).

My DD got glasses when she was 4. Bjorn will learn to love them, too, because they help him see better.

Gosh - I'm all tingly excited for you! Yippee!!!!

Carolyn Christie said...

Cards are gorgeous!! Love what you did with the leaves!
Congrats on the job change. Sounds like fun!

Alanna said...

Both cards are so nice. Congratulations on your new job. I would love to work 3 days a week.

Best of wishes to you!

Barb said...

I like both cards. I do prefer the SU card though...the colors are so vibrant. Congrats on your new job, too!