Saturday, January 1, 2011

Simple Saturday Continued …

If you scroll down, you’ll see the cards that started this stamping frenzy, which I must say has been quite enjoyable after a holiday/baby hiatus. Again, I Be Yourself_2_January 2011worked with textured cardstock with the exception of the image in the lower right corner. I call this one an “Uptown Girl,” and initially, I was going to paper-piece her outfit. Unable to decide on a color, I stamped two – one in Hollyhock and the other in Grey Wool for a more sophisticated look. I went so far as to cut them out and “try them on her” before deciding I didn’t like either of them. Now what? Flat black would be too boring. OK. I’ll emboss her with black embossing powder … but not on textured cardstock. I found out the hard way that doesn’t work very well.With or without the Embossing Buddy, I couldn’t seem to stamp and emboss an image that was speck-free even though I laboriously attempted to brush every tiny granule away with a small paintbrush – three times! I give up. While you can’t see it in the photo, the shiny embossed image on the flat white cardstock was just the pizazz this card needed.

Using more glitter from the Glitter Stack, the top card was easy as was the last one albeit her tiny paper-pieced bracelet, which you need a magnifying glass to see in the photo and I needed a magnifying glass to find on my desktop – literally. LOL.

Now, if I can come up with some clever packaging, I will give these cards to a teenage niece who might enjoy them. Making them was fun.

Materials & Tools: White Daisy, White Daisy textured, Black, Pear, and Holiday Red cardstock; Black, Pear, and VersaMark ink pads; Black marker; Black embossing powder; Be Yourself, Thank You, and Say it in Style stamp sets; Glitter Stack; Quickie Glue pen.

Another Slice of Life: Our guests – Bjorn and Mathias – have gone back to their Mom’s house. It’s quiet around here again, which is always kind of hard to get used to after 24 hours of nonstop activity and noise. The weather has lived up to expectations with lots of new, blowing snow and wind chill advisories of 20+ degrees below 0. By hook or by crook, we are venturing out of town tomorrow to visit Mari and her parents. A mobile upload photo from her Daddy this afternoon showed a little face that is changing already – getting chubbier. If I can muster up the courage to go out, I am going to go see Mom this evening. A respite from listening to football in the next room will be welcome. So, that’s my weekend thus far. What are you up to? Whatever it is, I hope you are bringing in the New Year right. Enjoy the evening, and as always, thanks for stopping by!


Jeanne said...

Sounds like you had a glorious day, full of things you love to do. Yay, for you! These cards will be wonderful for your niece. I don't emboss nearly enough and when I went looking for the Prisma glitter, I found several little tubes of glitter I'd forgotten I had. Gonna have to find a way to start using them now that I've moved them into my craft space.

Can't wait to see more pictures of little Mari. How are the boys adjusting to big brotherhood?

Your temps make me shudder. We are just ending our "arctic" blast, which brought ours down from 40s to single digit or less than 20 the past few days. But today they should bounce back to the 30s...balmy, right? LOL

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend, Sweetie.

Sharli said...

Hi Kathi! So good to get an update!! Your cards are wonderful - the pink sparkly one is "wowie"! I bet you're right about the embossed one, too, in real life.

My weekend has been perfect! Quiet for the most part - although I spend most of Saturday uploading my music collection to my i-tunes library so I can sync them to my new i-pod! I can't believe I have one and I'm seeing all sorts of new uses for it!

I spent 3 hours in the yard doing yard work yesterday (without a coat - sorry to be gloating). It was cool but once I started working I warmed up ok. I'm off to church now - and this afternoon will finally get to listed to the i-pod while I stamp! Yippee.


Stampin n da Hood said...

Thanks so much for the inspiration!
This is one set I refuse to let go!