Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Party Time!

Hello, blogging buddies. In the event you thought I fell off the face of the earth, I thought I would provide a little glimpse into my world and let you know what I have been up to lately. On Sunday, my sweet sister hosted a baby shower for Miranda and Mari in the Community Room of the apartment complex where I live. Deb, along with my three other sisters, my niece, and our Mom, arrived on Saturday afternoon to decorate. She used a cute farm theme. This is what the room looked like before I turned out the lights on Saturday night.
A Horse, of Course
There was a horse, of course, wearing an infant-sized cowboy hat. Mari received her first pair of western boots, too!
More Cuteness
Bandana bouquets made for cute centerpieces on the tables.
Diaper Cake
Holy cow! Take a look at the goodie-filled diaper cake that took center stage on the gift table. It’s almost too cute for words.
More cuteness. Yummy, too! Made-from-scratch raspberry cupcakes. Sister Dianne used her Cricut to create the cute picks. Sister Kim made the cupcake wrappers. Dessert followed a wonderful lunch made by my sisters, sister-in-law, and mom. It was a fun afternoon – perfect to the last detail – and while little Mari took it all in stride, her parents were very touched by the thoughtfulness put into the event.
Oh, and I just had to show you the picture of Mari that her Mommy took late last week.  Sweet, huh? I had prints made and put them into 5 x 7-inch frames – one for each of her parent’s desks at work. Mommy returned to work, and Mari spent her first day at daycare on Monday. While Miranda was sad to leave her little one, I understand all is going well for both Mommy and baby.
It’s back to work for me tonight, too. Now that I have become accustomed to my new hours, it seems like four days off fly by as fast as two days once did.  I finally made a card last night, or perhaps I should say, “successfully” made a card last night. I don’t know if the organizing I have been doing has squelched by creativity or what is going on but my stamping endeavors of late have been quite disastrous. Anyway, I will post it either later today or tomorrow.
I hope this post finds you healthy and happy. It’s March already! Spring is on its way – even in the frozen tundra … eventually. LOL. Take care, my friends. I hope to “see” you again soon.


Sheila H said...

Everything looked great for the shower!

Sparkle said...

So cute! I love the cupcakes!

Sylvia said...

Everything is absolutely beautiful.

Love the big flower on Mari's band. She is so adorable.

Jeanne said...

Absolutely fabulous down to the last detail, Kathi! How wonderful! And little Mari is just about the cutest baby ever!

Deborah Young said...

What wonderful decorations!!!! but Kathi, your little baby love is PRECIOUS!!!!

Carolyn said...

How fun is THAT! Oh, and that cute little baby doll face is so precious! Love seeing updates of Mari!