Sunday, September 23, 2007

Essential Alphabet

For whatever reason, I thought the Essential Alphabet set would be more difficult than the first two sets I worked with today. I was wrong. These stamps are easy to line up. That's not to say that there isn't some paper in the wastebasket. Note that "Twins!" spans eight inches. I may not have mentioned previously that when I stamp words I start on the righthand side of the paper with the last letter (or in this case, puncuation mark). In the first round, I evidently hadn't cleaned my "t" the last time I used it, and I must have used green ink, because my letter came out kind of a sick turquoise color. On my second try, I stamped the "w" before I realized that there wasn't enough room for the "t." My cardstock scrap was too narrow. On my next try, I forgot the "s." What? Am I going to give the card to one baby??? As this was not a baseball game, I took one more swing, and the fourth try was the charmer until I evidently bumped something or something and ended up with a Key Lime (green) ink smudge right next to the "t." "No," I told myself, "I am not going to cry." Instead of crying or cursing, I reached for my bleach bottle and a cotton swab. The smudge disappeared. I don't make a lot of cards for twins but know someone who had a pair of little boys recently. The inside reads, "Twice the joy, twice the love." That's nice . . . It could say "Twice the boys, twice the noise" or "twice the dirty diapers, twice the . . . . a lot of things. The other card would be appropriate for either sex. I love the Heavenly Blue, Baby Pink and Key Lime color combination. The little bears are from the The Best Way stamp set. I should probably make a half dozen or so more baby cards. Pregnancy appears to have reached an epidemic stage at Digi-Key. I feel no pangs of jealousy. I'm only glad that I had kids so that I could be a grandma.

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