Monday, September 17, 2007

Links By Request

At stamp club last night, Lila asked me where I get the quotes and poems I "borrow" for cards, scrapbook pages, and publishing on this blog. In the lefthand column, I've listed a few links to websites I've used in the past. Also, if I'm looking for something specific, I search on Google. If I know the author of the quote, poem, or song, I'll search by name. If I know some of the words, I'll type in the ones I know. Sometimes, I end up finding some weird stuff, but more often than not, I find what I'm looking for. There are also a number of websites that feature quotes and poems by famous people and others that have song lyrics for just about every song that was ever written. Because I have a deep respect for the work of others, if I come across a quote or poem that lists the author as "unknown," I do try to find out who wrote it and to whom to give credit.

Keeping a quote journal would be a great idea, whether a special notebook or Word document in a file on the computer. I'm always coming across quotes, etc. that I intend to remember or mean to write down. Sometimes, I write them down on scraps of paper that get lost in the shuffle. A quote journal sounds like another project to add to my list. Perhaps covering some composition notebooks for that particular purpose is a good idea for an upcoming stamp club project!

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