Sunday, September 30, 2007

Quick Card

I decided I had time for a quickie. If there's a trick to this card is making certain that you start stamping in the middle of the card. To determine the middle of any piece of paper, I use a ruler and a pencil to draw light diagonal lines from corner to corner. You end up with an X right smack dab in the middle every time. I stamped the flower center first, erased my pencil lines, and worked from there. I stamped the vertical petals first and then the horizontal before filling in the others. While I note that my placement is not perfect, it's pretty darned good - for a quick card, anyway. When it came time to stamp the flourishes I was really happy the the flower was centered, because as you can see, it required every bit of the 5-1/2 inch width. The colors are Blush, Hollyhock and Chocolate on Colonial White. The pink/brown color combination has finally grown on me. I like it!

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