Sunday, September 30, 2007

Man, this paper is bright . . .

I don't know if I like this card or not. Looking at it now, I wish I'd layered the Garden Green and Sunflower pieces on Smokey Plum the way the sentiment is layered. That would have made for a lot of layers, but as it is, it looks like something is missing. One more thing, the new Enchanted paper is really bright. I notice that the patterns are used in smaller chunks on the Enchanted scrapbook pages shown in the catalog. That might be the key with cardmaking, too. I did attempt to tone the stripe and Sunflower cardstock down a bit with Bamboo ink, and I think it helped a little. As for the Goodness of Life stamp set, it's nice with nice sentiments.

Unless I have absolutely no control, this is going to be it for the stamping today. I need to go retrieve my fall/winter clothes from a Space Bag. While I'm hopeful, I'm doubtful that my clothes will just spring back to life the way clothes do on the television commercial. Nevertheless, Space Bags are cool. Instead of packing clothes away in several totes, I was able to fill one jumbo and one large bag, suck the air out of them with the vacuum cleaner, and slide them under the bed. They're definitely a solution for small-space living. As for my clothes, what can't be fluffed up in the dryer is going to the dry cleaners. I know where my iron is but use it as little as possible.

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