Wednesday, September 26, 2007


There's little doubt that there's a simple quality to all of the cards I make. I like simple patterns, straight lines and symmetry. The style of my scrapbook pages follows suit as does the way I decorate my home and the clothes I wear. I admire the ornate. It's just not me. While I used to attribute my "plainness" to a lack of imagination or artistic ability, I realize now it's just the style that I'm comfortable with, a reflection of who I am.

My style is fitting for sympathy cards, which I believe should be simple. The colors, while they don't have to be dark, should be "quiet" and respectful. The message should be simple as well, letting the bereaved know that you're thinking of them and that you care.

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Robyn said...

I especially like the simplicity of this one. I like the colors too.

Crazy. Just as I clicked on enter to post, I noticed the name in quotations. Naturally, you named it "Simplicity" It didn't post it because I forgot to enter the word verification. Guess I should pay attention.
GREAT Choice all the way around!
Nice job!