Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It's Cards Like This One . . .

It's cards like this one that make me want to toss the stamps and hang out at Hallmark. I was delighted to find this lovely card, belated birthday wishes from my sister, in my mailbox yesterday. The words are so appropriate. On the outside (in case you can't see it): "You know," I ask. "Yeah, I know," you say. And I know you really do. On the inside: That's just one of the reasons I'm glad you're my sister . . . but you already knew that. Happy Birthday, Sis.

This sentiment so says it about sisters. I have four sisters. The first four of us (I'm the oldest) were born within less than five years of each other. As children, we were best friends and at times, bitter enemies - but never for very long. The relationships between sisters is so interesting. We're like different patterns of the same fabric - all very different but when it comes down to content, all made from the same stuff. At times, it's scary to have people who know you so well - who can see into your soul - but most of the time, it's the greatest thing in the world to have such wonderful "built-in" best friends. As it was when we were children, we share laughter and tears, and although not very often, we're not beyond misunderstandings that turn us into bitter enemies - but never for very long.

The card is a keeper. The Michael's gift card that came with it will only last as long as it takes me to get to Grand Forks. Deb (like Karen, Dianne, and Kim) knows me well . . . and I am blessed.

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