Monday, October 15, 2007

Better in Person . . .

Blogger appears to be having some issues this evening and currently won't let me upload my photo. They say they're working to fix the problem, so I'll write first and upload my photograph later. If there's still a problem after I'm done saying what I have to say, I'll save my post until tomorrow. If there's one thing this blog does, it inspires me to stamp on a regular basis, which is a good thing.

If there's a trick to photographing a card with glitter, I'd like to know what it is. I wanted the glitter to show in the photo, because for this particular card, it is the difference between plain and elegant. It is prettier in person. The technique is the reverse stencil again. I created my stencil with cardstock, even though a few carefully placed Post-It notes might have worked, too. I used a sponge dauber and Heavenly Blue Ink to create my "sky" background. The trees are from the retiring Beauty of Christmas set. Like most of my cards, this was a design-as-you-go project. Initially, I was going to stamp the sentiment in Cranberry and layer the stamped piece on Ponderosa Pine to match the trees - traditional Christmas colors. I had the sentiment stamp all inked up with Cranberry and was just ready to lay it on the paper when I changed my mind. Because of the blue that was already on the card, I deemed Outdoor Denim to be a better choice for the sentiment and the mat. I think was right. I wanted the card to have a peaceful feel to it, and I believe the blue/green color combination accomplished that. The glitter was applied using a regular glue pen. I couldn't get my Write 'n Rub pen to work but had learned a while back that a regular glue pen works the same way. Apply your glue. Let it dry until it's tacky (clear), and then apply the glitter with your index finger. That's a much neater way of handling Prisma Glitter. I always find pouring it out and then trying to funnel it back into its jar to be a major challenge.

Nap or not, I'm heading back to bed. I have an appointment for a much needed haircut tomorrow, so I'm hoping to go work early. Last month, I was thinking I'd grow my hair out a little. I've changed my mind. Who wants to fool around with a curling iron when she could be stamping?

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Kelly said...

Oh my! Gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous. I love it!