Sunday, October 14, 2007

I Saw It Somewhere . . .

This card is my rendition of a card I saw somewhere . . . on another blog. The other card was square with a similar layout. It had flowers on it. The papers she used were bright like the Free Spirit papers. The other card had "real" stitching on it. The stitching on my card was done with the Simple Stitches stamp set. My flowers were created with a punch and stamped with the corner flourish stamp from Legendary Moments. That's about it with regard to the design. I kind of like it, although there's something about the flowers that doesn't seem quite right. Perhaps, they should have been more distressed.

Anyway, on the subject of "real" stitching on cards and scrapbook layouts, a lot of people are doing it. I really like the look . . . so much so that I'm currently trying to talk myself out of purchasing the sewing machine that so many are recommending. If you're curious, here a link: Janome "Sew Mini" Sewing Machine. So, why do I think I need this sewing machine? The key word is "mini." I have a full-size Singer. Getting it out and setting it up, however, requires space that I do not have. I'm thinking this "mini" might fit on my stamp desk, which, if you were to see it right now, you'd ask, "Where?"

Here I sit, looking at my card with the inked stitches. Would it really look so much better if the stitches were the real deal? Reaching for a different ink pad is a lot easier than threading a sewing machine, regardless of its size. Speaking of thread, even if the machine fits on my desk (and stores underneath beside my Cuttlebug when not in use), how/where am I going to store the assortment of threads and bobbins that I'd need?

I don't think I need this sewing machine, but that's not saying I don't want it. What I don't want is to buy it and not use it as much as I thought I would and then have to feel guilty (a little, anyway) about having bought it to begin with. I already have an assortment of had-to-have kitchen appliances and gadgets that make me feel guilty.

If, at some point in the future, you see one of my cards with real stitching on it, you will know I am weak and that I broke down and purchased the Janome Sew Mini. For the time being, thanks for listening.

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EmileeAnn said...


These cards are just gorgeous! I really like the colors of the Free Spirit paper pack. And your stamping is great with them.

As far as stitching goes, I'm not sure it makes that much difference. Like you, I love the look of stitching, but don't always want to use my sewing machine. I think Simple Stitches is a GREAT substitution. And they look lovely on your card.

Your grandson is absolutely adorable...messy face and all!!