Monday, October 1, 2007

Playful Petals N' Feathers

I didn't think I was going to show up here today, but I had a couple of cards stuck in my head and wanted to make them before I forgot them. While I would like to take credit for the designs, I cannot, as they are spinoffs of cards made by others. This top card was inspired by a card I saw on another blog. That one was made with stamps from Stampin' Up in a pretty peach/aqua blue color scheme. For my card, I used the Playful Petals set again, this time with bright summer colors - Holiday Red, Dutch Blue, and Topiary. The flower centers and sentiment tab are Sunflower. The circles used to stamp the flower centers and blue background are from the Star Struck stamp set, a new set with cool circles, stars, and arrows that I purchased with thoughts of male scrapbook pages.

Another Close To My Heart consultant came up with this original Thanksgiving card. Looking at the petals in the Playful Petals set, I did not see feathers. I'm glad someone else did, however, because I thought her card was about as cute as a card gets. I hope my rendition of her turkey does the original justice. I don't do a lot of freehand drawing anymore but once I got the body size right, it was easy after that (but not so easy I didn't make a pattern for next time). The colors are Cocoa for his body; Goldrush, Sunflower, and Autumn Terracotta for his feathers; Orange for his beak; Barn Red for his wattle; and the obvious Black and White Daisy for his hat and collar. Topiary textured cardstock serves as the base. If I added a sentiment, it would be a simple "Gobble!" He was fun, and I wouldn't be surprised if his "brother" doesn't end up on a Thanksgiving scrapbook layout.

I finally got to spend a little time with my grandsons this evening. As Mathias had to go to the clinic late this afternoon, dinner ended up being a trip to the Dairy Queen. No one minded. We had fun. It was a good day . . . for a Monday!

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