Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thou Shalt Not . . .

. . . hoard paper!! That's what I was thinking as I was making these cards. Man, I've got a stash of paper - much of it either retired or on the current CTMH retired list. When I went to make a card from the image I'd stamped and colored last night, I decided to make a couple more cards with the Love in Blooms set that was still out on the desk and play around a little more with my colored pencils. I'd forgotten how much I love coloring (It takes me back 50 years! ugh!!) and deemed I need more outline stamps. Maybe I should break down and order a Bella or two. They're awfully darned cute as are some of the stamps from My Favorite Things. I need more stamps . . . Right? The cards I made tonight weren't in the plan but the way things ended up. At least, they're bright and cheerful - a nice end to such a gloomy day. The gray skies and ceaseless rain are starting to affect my attitude, I'm afraid, and if it keeps up much longer, I'm going to have to get one of those lamps for people with Seasonal Affective Disorder. I don't think I'd fare very well well in parts of the country where it rains for months. OK. That's enough complaining about the weather! Instead, I'm going to go clean up my stamping area and see if I can't make one more card (the one that was in the plan) before calling it a day. Later!

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