Thursday, October 18, 2007

Google Search

I changed my blog profile. For the heck of it, I did a Google search for "Kathi Carlson" earlier today, and lo and behold, this blog showed up in second position with a couple of lines from my profile. What stuck out was "a 54-year-old . . ." While I'm not in the least bit sensitive about my age, my thoughts were, "So, what's that got to do with anything?" My age really isn't about who I am. I remember receiving a picture my grandmother, one of those church directory photos taken when she was 70 or so. Anyway, I wrote to her and told her how beautiful I thought she was. Touched by my comment, she wrote back, and while I don't recall exactly what she wrote, it was something about the heart never growing old. The moral of the story - age is just a number.

In addition to removing my age, I also removed "photography" from my hobbies. You've seen the photographs I take. They're not great. For now, photography is an interest. When/if my skills improve, I'll list it as a hobby.

The results of Google search surprised me a little. Further into the list, I think there are still a few links to things I did when I was with the newspaper - a story that's still on a website, photographs I took (good ones) that were reprinted in a University of Minnesota newsletter, and unless they've changed it recently, I'm still listed as a reporter in The Times history on its website.

I'm going to quit now. As I was proofreading this, I started reading out loud, and husband in the chair outside the door thinks I'm crazy. What else is new?

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